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Motors that operate at a higher than average RPM and can maintain high speeds over prolonged periods of operation.

Motors that operate at a higher than average RPM and can maintain high speeds over prolonged periods of operation.

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  • Portescap

    Portescap is a manufacturer of high speed brushless slotted DC motors that feature high torque and low noise. There are over a dozen high speed motor models to choose from with DC voltages of 12, 24, 50, and 150 Vdc. The B0504-050 model is a slotted, 4 pole motor with no-load speeds of 68871 rpm, max continuous torque of 3.14 (0.445) mNm (Oz-in), and a diameter of 12.687 mm.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker is a manufacturer of high speed motors. Types include their MGV Series for test benches, their NV Series high speed servo motors, and vane and spindle designs. The MGV Series features up to 45,000 rpm, power up to 230 kW, flange (B5) or foot (B3) mounting, and a 400 VAC supply voltage. The NV Series are 0.7 - 12 kW high speed servomotors.

  • Synchrony Inc.

    Synchrony offers high speed motors and generators, including their NovaGen/NovaDrive 100 and 400 Series permanent magnet motors. These are 100 kW and 400 kW, 480 VAC, oil-less drive trains without a gearbox that offer high speed performance up to 60,000 rpm for the 100 Series and 20,000 rpm for the 400 Series.

  • Kollmorgen Corp.

    Kollmorgen conventional rotary servo motors are a brushless design with a high speed capability of up to 8000 rpm (17,000 rpm for custom designs). The IC Series direct drive linear motor features 73 to 8,035N (16 to 1,806 lbf) continuous force, and 190 to 10,000 N (42 to 2,248 lbf) peak force. The AKM Series brushless rotary DC servo motor offers speeds up to 8000 RPM, 75 VDC, 120, 240, 480 VAC windings, and 8 frame sizes, 28 frame/stack combinations.

  • Emerson Control Techniques

    Control Techniques is a manufacturer of high speed servo drives and motors. These are a high speed permanent magnet motors for high precision machinery. There are a half dozen models to choose from, including pulse duty, continuous duty, high output, and others. The Digitax ST servo drives (pulse duty) offer a range of 0.72Nm to 18.8Nm, peak 56.4Nm. The Unidrive SP in servo mode is a continuous duty servo drive featuring 0.72Nm - 136Nm. The Epsilon EP is a c ompact 1.5 axis servo drive with 2.2 - 16.0 A rms.

  • Sinotech Corp.

    Sinotech is a manufacturer of high speed slotless BLDC motors that feature up to 100,000 rpm. These motors come in over three dozen models and are designed for medical applications. Types of high speed BLDC motors include geared, double shaft, servo, fast blower, embedded controller, and others. The Model BL1030 features 10mm dia x 30mm length, nominal 9V, 21 R, 0.71 W (P2max), 20200 rpm no-load speed, and no-load current of 0.06 A.

  • H2W Technologies, Inc.

    H2W is a manufacturer of high thrust, high speed AC linear induction motors, capable of generating 2900 N at a 3% duty cycle. These motors were designed for high speed operation but can also operate at zero speed to produce static thrust. The LMG-06-650-SSE AC linear induction motor features peak force of 650 lbs (2900 N), peak current of 370 amps, length of 32.25", width of 19.5", and weight of 420 lbs.

  • Island Components Group Inc

    Island Components is a manufacturer of high speed brushless DC motors that capable of speeds up to 20,000 rpm (up to 150,000 rpm for custom motors) and feature high torque-to-inertia ratios, high power densities, and high operating efficiencies. Motors are available from 1.375" to 3.25" diameter (they can produce from 7/16” diameter to 20” diameter), and torque capabilities up to 10 hp.

  • NMB Technologies

    NMB is a manufacturer of high speed brushed DC motors for applications where a small package size is needed. These are inexpensive, efficient high speed motors designed for motorized toys, appliances and computer peripherals. Rated voltages range from 2.0-5.0, rated loads (mNm) are offered at 0.294 (, 0.392-147 (, or 0.392(, and rpm ranges from 1360-2250, 2750-2900, or 1480-2590 are available.

  • Rineer Hydraulics

    Rineer manufactures motors in a design that allows for low speed/high torque and high speed/high torque, making them very versatile. Rineer "Tandem" motors feature two motors on one shaft that allows for two complete motors to be built using one shaft output. One or the other can be individually loaded or unloaded for high torque or high speed modes. The 15, 37, and 57 Series have 10 rotor vanes and four stator cavities while the 125 Series has 16 rotor vanes and six stator cavities. A wide speed range of less than 10 rpm to 2000 rpm and beyond is available.

  • AMETEK TIP (Technical & Industrial Products)

    AMETEK is a distributor of Pittman brand, instrument grade, brushless DC servo motors for designers requiring a low inertia capable of high speed operation. These high speed motors are IP42 rated and come in a range of rated torques and speeds in a small footprint. Some ranges available include 3.5 oz-in (0.0247 Nm) / 7200 RPM, 54.69 oz-in (0.3861 Nm) / 6000 RPM, and 20 oz-in (0.1412 Nm) / 6750 RPM. There are dozens more to choose from.

  • Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc.

    Von Ruden is a manufacturer of Rol-Seal rotary abutment hydraulic high speed motors that feature high starting torque of 92-94%, breakaway pressures at < 10 psi under no load, less torque ripple at low and high speed, and a variety of models to choose from. Flow ranges available include 5.0 - 39 GMP, max speeds of 6000 rpm - 900 rpm, 3000 psi to 2000 psi, and max torque of 105 lb. in. to 3184 lb. in.

  • Servo-Tek Products Co.

    Servo-Tek offers servo motors/DC tachometer generators that feature a varnish impregnator armature for high speed reversing applications. These are a standard servo and face mount with a 1/2" pilot. Other features include a low ripple tach generator 1.5% peak to peak (with 72 kHz filter), 3 volts per 1000 RPM standard, .250" diameter stainless steel shaft, and a standard servo and face mount with .500" pilot.

  • Sully & Son Hydraulics Inc

    Sully & Son is a distributor hydraulic pumps and motors in many types, including high speed, low speed, high and low torque, gear motors and piston motors. A few brands they carry include Leeson, Eaton, Prince, Rexroth, and Tuthill.

  • Intermot Inc

    Intermot manufactures radial piston hydraulic motors in high speed and low speed configurations. Their motor range varies from 20cc to 8500cc displacement.