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  • Bosch Rexroth

    Bosch Rexroth offers axial piston variable motors in a variety of configurations. Model A6VM variable displacement motors feature high power densities, a wide control range, good slow-running/starting characteristics, a large variety of controls, and high pressure applications. These motors come in sizes ranging from 60 to 280, nominal pressure ratings up to 6500 PSI, peak pressures up to 7250 PSI, and open/closed circuit options.

  • Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc.

    Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc. offers industrial and servo grade axial vane hydraulic motors for robotics and other applications where repeatable/precise positioning is important. These motors have high starting torques, few wearing parts, slow speed operations, a mechanically "stiff" locked status, and an accurate/repeatable hold position. They can handle continuous pressures up to 3000 PSI, continuous speeds up to 2000 GPM, and continuous theoretical torques up to 2229 lb-in.

  • Federal Fluid Power Inc.

    Federal Fluid Power offers SAM Hydraulik & Poclain axial piston motors. These motors are robust, compact, high-performance, durable, easy to maintain, and suitable for open/closed loops. They can handle output speeds to 4000 RPM, bar pressures up to 450, displacements ranging from 172 to 15,000 cm, and pressures to 5075 PSI.

  • HydraulicSupermarket

    HydraulicSupermarket offers axial piston motors and pumps in a variety of configurations. Linde model HMV-02 variable displacement motors are very reliable, capable of high power density ratings, compact in design, jerk-free at low speeds, and suitable for long service life. These motors come in operating speeds up to 4100 RPM, nominal pressures up to 420 bar, output torques up to 1872, and power ratings up to 470 kW.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers axial hydraulic bent-axis motors in the following configurations: V14 variable displacement/large frame, V12 variable displacement/small frame, T12 dual displacement, and F12 fixed displacement/large frame. Model F12 bent axis, fixed displacement/large frame motors feature heavy duty roller bearings, highly engineered valve plates, laminated piston rings, and closed/open loop circuit operations.

  • Attica Hydraulic Exchange Corp.

    Attica Hydraulic Exchange offers axial piston hydraulic motors from a variety of manufacturers, including: Sundstrand, Oilgear, Double-A, Parker, Dynex, Denison, Eaton, Vickers, Bosch, etc.

  • KYB America LLC

    KYB America LLC offers 2-speed axial piston track drive motors for crawler machine applications. These motors feature heavy duty bearings, case-rotation gear reducers, built-in double counterbalance valves, shockless crossover relief valves, and an offset-type-2-speed design. They are reliable, durable, automatically activated, high-precision, and high-performance.

  • Progressive Power & Control

    Progressive Power & Control offers fixed displacement axial piston pumps and motors in Plata and Casappa Strada models.