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  • Rotary Power Inc.

    Rotary Power, Inc. offers the following hydraulic motors: XL Series radial piston/multi-stroke, XK Series radial piston/multi-stroke, SMA Series radial piston/eccentric, C Series axial piston/high accuracy, and A Series axial piston/heavy-duty. These motors have capacities from 2 cc to 5000 cc/rev, freewheel capabilities, and continuous pressures to 350 bar. Additional features include: a compact design with 4 output styles, fixed displacement, high metering accuracy, uniform fluid temperatures, minimal corrosion, cartridge shaft seals, static/dynamic brakes, etc.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton Corp. offers a variety of piston motors in the following configurations: ME Series, bent axis, DuraForce, heavy-duty mobile applications, medium-duty mobile applications, and Hydrokraft industrial applications. These motors have displacements ranging from 11 to 4100 cc, pressures up to 6000 PSI, and speeds up to 5500 RPM. They have applications ranging from the smallest mobile machinery to the most demanding industrial environment.

  • S.A.M. Hydraulik

    S.A.M. Hydraulik offers axial piston motors in swash plate and bent axis designs. These motors motors can be used in closed or open circuits, they have variable or fixed displacements, and they have mobile/industrial applications.

  • Federal Fluid Power Inc.

    Federal Fluid Power offers bent axis and axial piston hydraulic motors from various manufacturers. SAM Hydraulik bent axis piston motors have displacements ranging from 6.06 to 225.1 cm3/rev, flow ranges from 61 to 563 l/m, output speeds to 5590 RPM, pressure ranges from 5075 to 6265 PSI, and torques up to 1613 Nm. Poclain axial piston motors have displacements ranging from 172 to 15,000 cm, bar pressures up to 450, speeds up to 390 RPM, and a variety of mounting options.

  • KYB America LLC

    KYB America LLC offers Hydrostar radial position motors. Single displacement motors have displacements ranging from 12.7 to 536.7 in3/rev, maximum continuous output torques ranging from 535 to 19800 ft-lbs, continuous pressures ranging from 3000 to 3570 PSI, and speeds ranging from 3 to 600 RPM. Additional motor features include: VitonÆ seals, multiple drain port locations, SAE ports/splines, large main bearings, rapid acceleration/deceleration, precise positioning, etc. These motors have the following applications: railroad equipment, conveyors, shredders, recycling, marine, mining, forestry, fishing, etc.

  • Sunfab North America

    Sunfab North America offers hydraulic piston motors. SCM 012-130 bent-axis/spherical piston motors have displacements ranging from 12.6 to 130 cm3/rev, working pressures from 35 to 40 MPa, revolutions up to 8800 RPM, and starting torques ranging from 2.0 to 20.5 Nm/MPa. Additional features include: few moving parts, high reliability, double tapered roller bearings, suitable for truck hydraulics applications, etc.

  • Nutron Motor Co Inc

    Nutron Motor Co., Inc. offers heavy duty hydraulic piston motors. These motors have torques up to 5175 ft-lbs, speeds up to 1000 RPM, and horsepower ratings of up to 173 HP. Additional features include: direct mounting options, optional safety brakes, high power to weight ratio, true mechanical free wheeling, rotating shaft/case options, extra-large taper roller bearings, and a simple rugged design.

  • Dynex Inc

    Dynex, Inc. offers hydraulic piston motors. These motors allow pressures to 8000 PSI, torques to 4775 lb-in, and they are ideal for the following applications: sudden direction reversals, constant starting/stopping, vibration, and pressure strikes.

  • AM-DYN-IC Fluid Power Co.

    AM-DYN-IC Fluid Power Co. offers bent axis/fixed displacement hydraulic piston motors. These motors can be used at unusually high shaft speeds, they have operating pressures to 7000 PSI, and a 40° angle between the shaft and cylinder. They are available in multiple frame sizes and versions, they conform to ISO/SAE mounting flange/shaft end configurations, and they are extremely lightweight/compact.

  • Bosch Rexroth

    Bosch Rexroth offers a variety of radial piston motors for hydraulics applications. MCR 03 radial piston motors range in size from 160 to 400, they have a maximum output torque of 2300 Nm, speeds up to 875 RP, a multi-stroke design, and open/closed circuits. These motors have a variety of hydraulics applications, including: oilfield, mining, material handling, forestry, construction, and agriculture.