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  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers medium and heavy duty vane motors. These motors have the following features: displacement ranges from 9 to 222 cm3/rev, low noise, a high starting torque, bi-rotational technology, integrated valves, internal/external drains, low mechanical losses, UNC or metric threads, etc.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton Corp. offers vane motors. M vane motors have the following features: torques ranging from 4 to 33.9 BAR, speeds ranging from 400 to 4000 r/min, diametrically opposed outlet/inlet chambers, dual pressure plates, field-proven, and pressures up to 2500 PSI. M vane motors have applications for hydrostatic drives, elevator scraper drives, and many other auxiliary applications.

  • Rineer Hydraulics

    Rineer Hydraulics offers vane motors. These motors have the following features: a smooth output over a wide speed range from 10 to 2000 RPM, a small/light construction (43 to 225 lbs), up to 96 power strokes per revolution, and a breakaway pressure of 18 PSI. Other options available include two-speed, 4-ported, and tandem configurations.

  • Federal Fluid Power Inc.

    Federal Fluid Power offers Dynex hydraulic motors. These motors have pressures up to 8000 PSI, torques up to 4775 lb-in @ 5000 PSI, and flows up to 184 GPM. Motors are ideal for applications involving sudden direction reversals, constant starting/stopping, vibration, and pressure spikes.

  • Denison Hydraulics

    Denison Hydraulics offers vane pumps and motors in radial and piston configurations. Pumps and motors range in size from 0.35 to 16 cubic inches, they have a displacement range from 1 to 250 gallons per minute, and they operate at pressures in excess of 4,500 PSI. These pumps and motors have applications for aircraft carrier steering systems and mining equipment.

  • Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc.

    Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc. offers axial vane motors. These motors feature high torques, smooth starts, slow speed, precise/repeatable positioning (for robotics), pressures up to 3,000 PSI, and RPM ratings up to 2,000.

  • Gulf Controls Co., LLC

    Gulf Controls Co., LLC offers Rineer vane motors. These motors have the following advantages: a smooth output over a wide speed range, a small/light configuration, more power strokes per revolution, two-speed configuration options, 4-port options, tandem options, etc.

  • SunSource

    SunSource supplies vane pumps and motors from a variety of manufacturers, including: Sauer Danfoss, Rotary Power, Poclain Hydraulics, Bucher, Eaton, Power Team, Nachi, Permco, Heypac, Kasasaki, etc.