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  • Sauer-Danfoss

    Sauer-Danfoss offers mini and medium sized spool valve hydraulic motors for a variety of applications, including: salt spreaders, conveyer drives on harvesters, spreaders, sweepers, winches, aerial lifts, forklift trucks, etc. These motors feature recessed mounting flanges, low leakage ratings, robust cardan shafts, dust seal caps, and a corrosion-resistant construction. They have displacements ranging from 25 to 400 cm3, pressures up to 2,900 PSI, and continual oil flows up to 75 l/min.

  • White Drive Products

    White Drive Products offers WM MOTORS 125 Series economical and 255 Series three-zone spool valve motors for the following applications: conveyors, food processing equipment, car wash brushes, positioners, swing drives, spinners, screw drives, etc. 225 Series spool valve motors can handle speeds up to 1120 RPM, flows up to 16 GPM, torques up to 5,805 lb-in, and pressures up to 2,500 PSI. They come with a wide range of porting, motor displacement, shaft, and mounting options.

  • Motion Industries, Inc.

    Motion Industries, Inc. offers disc and spool valve motors in over 2,000 configurations. Model 101-1703 H Series gerotor motors can handle flows to 15 GPM, speeds up to 385 RPM, torques up to 1,954 lb-in, and continuous pressures up to 1,700 PSI. These motors feature a modular/three-zone pressure design, reduced drive running angles, high-pressure seals, and hydrodynamic journal bearings.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton Corp. offers spool valve motors for food processing, machine tool, conveyor, auger, and harvester applications. These motors feature hydrodynamic journal bearings, a 3-zone pressure design, increased bearing/shaft seal life, and a proven orbit motor principle. These motors are capable of fulfilling low speed/flow requirements by utilizing a low speed spool option for smooth running performance enhancement.