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Hysteresis motors are used in applications requiring exact speed and rotation with a very small amount of fast variations in speed.

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  • Hansen Motors

    Hansen is a motor manufacturer. Their geared hysteresis PM synchronous motors offer low cogging torque, ideal for back-driving. Types of AC synchronous hysteresis motors offered include round 2-hole, round 4-hole, pear shallow, and pear deep. Hansen also makes electric motor output types and air brakes.

  • Arc Systems, Inc.

    ARC's line of hysteresis synchronous motors are designed to meet military and commercial applications. A.C. Motors range from size 8 to 44. These motors can be used where constant speed is necessary. Hysteresis motors are AC induction motors with a sleeve rotor made from cobalt steel.

  • Surplus Sales of Nebraska

    Surplus Sales of Nebraska stocks over a dozen brands of synchronous hysteresis motors from such manufacturers as Beau, Motronics, Ashland, Elinco and Ampex. The Elinco hysteresis  motor is a dual speed design.

  • Hurst Mfg.

    Hurst Motors manufactures over a half dozen models of hysteresis synchronous motors. There are three series' of reversible designs, and four series' of direct drive/geared hysteresis synchronous motors to choose from in many speed ranges and torque ratings.

  • Sinotech Corp.

    Sinotech motors are engineered in the U.S. and manufactured in China. They are manufactured in reluctance and hysteresis designs and employ a self-starting circuit that requires no external supply. Hysteresis motors are manufactured in subfractional horsepower ratings and are primarily used as servomotors and timing motors.

  • Ningbo Guanlian Motor Electronic Co.

    Ningbo Guanlian is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of hysteresis motors. There are three designs available in single, two and three phase configurations. Rated voltages are available in 12V, 110V, 115V, and 220V. Many synchronous speeds are available as well.

  • Suhder

    Suhder manufactures over a half dozen synchronous hysteresis motor models. Rated voltages available are 12, 24, 100, 110-120, and 220-240V. Three of their designs are reversible hysteresis types. There are many rotor speeds and output RPM's to choose from.

  • Island Components Group Inc

    Island Components offers hysteresis synchronous motors for military and commercial requirements. All motors are enhanced through the use of optimization software and controllers.