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Slip Ring Induction Motors

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  • WEG Electric Corp.

    WEG is a manufacturer of their M Line of MAF, low and high voltage, TEAAC enclosed, slip ring induction motors.   WEG motors in IEC 280 to 450 frame sizes are manufactured in cast iron, while IEC 500 and above frame sizes are manufactured in welded steel plates.

  • ABB

    ABB manufacturers modular slip ring induction motors used in high starting torque or low starting current applications. ABB modular slip ring motors are especially recommended for heavy load inertia applications. Many alternative cooling and enclosure types are available.

  • Romanoff Industries

    Romanoff Industries are distributors of AC slip ring motors in both new and reconditioned availability. Choose from a horsepower range of 1 to 700. Manufacturers include Reliance, GE, Westinghouse, P&H, L-A, Cone, Teco, Dresser, LiftTech and Reuland.

  • Siemens

    Siemens builds asynchronous high-voltage AC slip ring motors with modular cooling systems that make them adaptable to specific applications. The cover and motor enclosure are decoupled from one another for easy installation and maintenance.

  • Casey

    Casey is a distributor of slip ring induction motors from GE, Alsthom, and Louis Allis. There are a wide range of horsepower, RPM's, frames and types to choose from.

  • VEM Group

    The VEM Group is a group of companies that provide sales and service of low voltage slip ring induction motors. Features include cast iron design, IP 54/IP 55 degree of protection, designed to DIN EN (IEC 72), mounting dimensions and assignment of output ratings to DIN 42679 and DIN 42681, and various possible modifications.

  • Cantoni Group

    The Cantoni Group offers three phase general purpose slip ring induction motors for drives with a high moment of inertia with frequent starts. Features include IP55 degree of protection and an ambient temperature rating of -30°C do +40°C. Many options are available as well.

  • SEC

    SEC is a manufacturer of slip ring induction motors. They focus on slip ring, asynchronous three phase electric motors used for mine elevators, driving or towing rolling mills, fans started with heavy loads and belt conveyors.

  • Bharat Electric Motors

    Bharat slip ring induction motors are designed for engineering, chemical, textile and pharmaceutical applications. These slip ring motors are capable of working under varied RPM's.