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Squirrel Cage Induction Motors

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  • GE Energy

    The GE squirrel cage induction motor is typically used for driving pumps, fans and compressors. These are large, industrial motors that come in horizontal and vertical, and solid and hollow shaft configurations. They are rated from 100 - 20,000 hp, and up to 16,000 volts.

  • Siemens

    Siemens manufactures a complete line of large AC squirrel cage induction motors at its ISO-9001 Certified plant in Ohio. Siemens produces horizontal AC induction motors up to 18,000 hp and 460 to 13,200 volts. They also offer large AC vertical motors up to 6,000 hp.

  • Arc Systems, Inc.

    Arc Systems is a manufacturer of squirrel cage AC servo motors. There are over 75 models to choose from with options including frequency, fixed phase input, control phase input, no load speed, stall torque, power input/phase, main phase amps, control phase amps, and control phase power.

  • WEG Electric Corp.

    WEG is a manufacturer of squirrel cage induction motors. They offer their M Line and WGM Line of low and high voltage squirrel cage motors in ODP, TEAAC, and closed configurations. The WGM Line are compact and silent motors with high power relation per frame size.

  • E & I Sales Co

    E & I Sales is a distributor of squirrel cage induction motors from GE, Reliance, Teco/Westinghouse, Toshiba and Siemens. Choose from a horsepower range of 200 - 400 hp and 1200 - 3600 RPM's.

  • Romanoff Industries

    Romanoff Industries offers a large inventory of squirrel cage AC induction motors in both new and rebuilt condition. There are several locations to ship from. Squirrel cage AC motors come in a range of 0.17 to 7000 horsepower.

  • Toshiba

    Toshiba is a manufacturer of squirrel cage induction motors with ratings of 75 to 20,000 kW and 2 to 20 pole (others available). Mounting can be either horizontal or vertical and enclosure options include TEFC, TEWAC, ODP, and NEMA WP-II.

  • SEC

    SEC is a Chinese manufacturer of squirrel cage AC motors, primarily in 3 phase designs. SEC offers squirrel cage motors in both asynchronous AC and asynchronous variable frequency AC configurations.

  • Maryland Metrics

    Maryland Metrics is a distributor of asynchronous 3 phase squirrel cage motors. Choose from power ratings of 0.2 to 240 kW and 0.3 to 325 horsepower.