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Induction motors are alternating current motors that use power supplied to the rotor via electromagnetic induction.

A type of asynchronous AC motor, an induction motor is known as a high performance, low maintenance motor type that supplies power to the rotor via electromagnetic induction.Consisting of two basic electrical assemblies – the wound stator and the rotor assembly – induction motors are brushless and typically larger, heavier and slower than other motor types. Because of this, induction motors are primarily used within industrial machines rather than domestic machines. Table saws, planers, band saws, and jointers represent equipment that utilizes induction motors.Featuring rugged construction, polyphase induction motors are used for industrial drives and have the ability to control the speed of the motor. Commonly fractional-horsepower types, single-phase induction motors are available in sizes up to 10 hp. Single-phase induction motor types include: shaded pole, split phase, capacitor start, and permanent-split capacitor.

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  • Kimatek

    Kimatek offers AC induction motors for use with PWM variable speed inverter drives. These 220V, 4 pole, 3-phase motors have an operating speed range of 180 to 6000 rpm. They are available in 1 to 3 horsepower with an operating ambient temperature range of 12 °C to 45 °C.