Motors • Low Voltage Motors (Premium Efficiency)

Premium efficiency, low voltage motors for many applications, including general purpose, severe duty/chemical processing, and hazardous duty.

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  • WEG Electric Corp.

    WEG manufactures their M Line of low voltage motors that can be designed in different configurations to meet different applications. Types of low voltage motors include slip ring (ODP, TEAAC) and squirrel cage (ODP, TEAAC). WEG also offers their WGM Line of closed squirrel cage compact and silent motors.

  • Hansen Motors

    Hansen are manufacturers of low voltage motors in DC brush and geared DC brush configurations. Both are permanent magnet motors. Low voltage brush motors come in size 16 and 21 with voltages of 6-42V. Geared brush motors come in size 14/16 and size 15 with voltages of 6-42V and 5-16V. Size 15 low voltage motors come in pear large, pear deep, pear shallow, round 4-hole, and round 2-hole configurations.

  • RAE Corporation

    RAE Corporation are manufacturers of low voltage permanent magnet DC motors. They offer five series' of low voltage motors with voltages ranging from 12 up to 115 VDC, 12 up to 180 VDC, and 12 up to 130 VDC. Speeds range from 3500 rpm to 5000 rpm. RAE's OPTI 4000 Series of low voltage motors offers a rectangular shaped metal yoke for high output torque in a compact package.

  • Horner Industrial Services, Inc.

    Horner Industrial Services are manufacturers of premium efficiency, low voltage motors for many applications, including general purpose, severe duty/chemical processing, and hazardous duty. Types of low voltage motors include open drip-proof, totally enclosed, three phase, single phase, and vertical high thrust.

  • Koffler

    Koffler are distributors of Leeson and Emerson/US Motors low voltage, premium efficiency motors. Leeson motors offered include general purpose, three phase, single phase, drip-proof, C face and TEFC options. Emerson low voltage motors offered include 2-speed/1-winding, 2-speed/2-winding, three phase, TEAO, variable torque, 2-100 hp, NEMA and TEFC options.

  • Groschopp Inc

    Groschopp are suppliers of AC, BLDC, PMDC and Universal low voltage motors for OEM applications. AC motors come in 115V or 230 V, 50/60 Hz. BLDC low voltage motors come in 12-163 VDC. PMDC motors offer 12-180 VDC and 115 FWR. Universal types feature 12-250 V AC/DC and up to 20,000 RPM.

  • MET Motors

    MET Motors is a manufacturer of 3.2", 3.6" and 6" diameter permanent magnet low voltage DC motors for OEM applications. Options for these low voltage motors include 6, 12, 24, and 36VDC with speeds of 125 to 10,000 RPM.

  • Arc Systems, Inc.

    ARC offers a line of low voltage AC servo motors that are designed to MIL-S-22432 and SAE ARP-497 requirements. These low voltage, two phase motors with sizes ranging 8 to 23. The miniature squirrel cage motors can operate at 60 Hz or 400 Hz with 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12 pole designs available. Custom units are available.

  • Electric Motor Center, Inc.

    Electric Motor Center is an online distributor of premium efficiency, low voltage AC motors (over 600 configurations available). These low voltage motors are designed for operations where continuous or frequent duty is required, and are Usable for circulating and transferring fluid applications.

  • Cook Industrial Electric Co Inc

    Cook Industrial Electric offers Leeson brand low voltage DC motors in NEMA frame C Face with feet. There are nearly two dozen low voltage motors to choose from in 12, 24, 36 and 48V. Other options include 1/4 - 2 HP, 1800 RPM, TENV, TEFC, C Face, and more.

  • Bisco Enterprise, Inc.

    Bisco is a distributor of WEG low voltage motors for general purpose, pump, cooling tower, petrochemical, explosion proof, fractional HP, IEC, compressor duty, crusher duty, HVAC, Brake, and many other applications.

  • Wolters Motors & Drives

    Wolters is a distributor of WEG, Leeson and A.O. Smith premium efficiency AC and DC motors. There are nearly a dozen Leeson Wattsaver models of low voltage motors available from 1/6 - 2 HP. Wolters also offer three WEG premium efficiency, low voltage motors in three phase NEMA configurations. A.O. Smith models come in ODP and TEFC  with options of 1 - 400 and 1 - 150 horsepower.

  • Baldor

    Baldor is a manufacturer of over 1000 models of premium efficient, low voltage AC motors. There is a wide range of horsepower, RPM, enclosure (open, TEFC, TENV, etc.), and low voltage options. These are single and three phase premium efficiency AC motors.

  • Piela Electric, Inc.

    Piela Electric is a distributor of Baldor low voltage motors. They have some 800 models to choose from. Low voltage motor options include up to 75 HP, 3500 RPM, 460V, 405 frame size, and many enclosure options to choose from.

  • Eastland Industries Inc

    Eastland Industries is a distributor of low voltage motors (600 volt and below) up to 700 HP. Speed ranges of 3600, 1800, 1200, 900, 720 and 600 RPM are available. These low voltage motors come in a variety of enclosures, including ODP, TEFC, TEXP, TEAO, TENV, TEBC, and others.

  • Leeson Electric, A Regal Beloit Co.

    Leeson are manufacturers of NEMA frame low voltage motors. These motors are high torque, continuous duty designs.  Applications range from pumps to electric carts. Ranges include 1/4 - 2 HP, 1800 RPM, 12 to 48 VDC for C-Face with base configurations, and 1/20 to 1/3 HP, 1750 - 3900 RPM, and 12 - 24 VDC for sub-fractional low voltage motors.

  • Motors, Hoists & Controls Inc.

    Motors, Hoists & Controls are distributors of ABB low voltage motors.