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Medium voltage motors are available in nearly any motor type and configuration.

Medium voltage motors are available in nearly any motor type and configuration.

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  • Toshiba

    Toshiba is a manufacturer of medium voltage motors offered in two series'. The Dura-Bull TX Series are totally-enclosed fan-cooled medium voltage motors that offer many features and options that allow you to customize the motor to your needs. The MV (medium voltage) Series offers ODP, TEFC, TEAAC, and weather protected configurations.

  • Siemens

    Siemens are manufacturers of medium voltage motors in a variety of configurations. They offer a complete line of large AC squirrel-cage induction motors, horizontal medium voltage motors (WPII, TEWAC, TEAAC, TEFC), vertical types (WPII, TEAAC, TEFC), and specialty medium voltage motors used for everything from oil production and refining to chemical processing and power generation.

  • Koffler

    Koffler is a distributor of Emerson/US Motors and GE medium voltage motors. Emerson/US Motors come in general purpose, three phase, WPII and TEFC configurations. GE medium voltage motors come in above NEMA, weather protected, and TEFC types. All together, there are over 150 medium voltage motor models to choose from.

  • Piela Electric, Inc.

    Piela Electric is a distributor of GE and TECO Westinghouse medium voltage motors. There are about 40 GE models in three phase configurations with either WPI, WII or TEFC enclosures. Hundreds of TECO Westinghouse medium voltage motor models are available in three phase, with TEFC or WPI enclosures. There are many horsepower and RPM options.

  • Bisco Enterprise, Inc.

    Bisco is a distributor of three phase, TEFC medium voltage motors from WEG. The HGF Line are designed for corrosive environments such as waste water treatment plants, cement plants, chemical plants and refineries. These medium voltage motors come in a variety of HP, RPM, NEMA frame and enclosure sizes. There are over 45 configurations to choose from.

  • Westinghouse

    TECO Westinghouse are manufacturers of medium voltage ODP motors. Two series' are available. The Global-Plus Series offers 800 hp through 2000 hp, and 3600, 1800, 1200, 900 RPM. The Global-Plus TEFC NEMA Series (premium efficiency) features medium voltage motors in 150 hp through 900 hp, and 3600, 1800, 1200, 900 RPM.

  • Horner Industrial Services, Inc.

    Horner Industrial Services offers three series' of medium voltage (2300/4000 volts) motors. Their rigid base general purpose motors are drip-proof with a rigid base. Their severe duty medium voltage motors are totally enclosed with a rigid base for extreme applications. Horner also offers medium voltage severe duty motors with a 5000 frame for industries such as chemical plants, food processing, pulp and paper mills, refineries, mines, foundries and other severe duty environments.

  • Worldwide Electric Corp.

    Worldwide Electric Corp. are distributors of Hyundai medium voltage motors that feature VPI insulation, fabricated copper rotors, and low vibration shaft systems. These medium voltage motors have been tested to IEC, NEMA, EM, API,
    BSI, AS, IS, KS, JIS, IEEE and JEC industrial standards, and Lloyd, ABS, DNV and KR for marine use.

  • Eastland Industries Inc

    Eastland Industries is a distributor of Toshiba medium voltage motors up to 25,000 HP with API 541 capability. Applicable standards include NEMA MG1, IEEE 85, IEEE 112 and CSA. Many configurations are available for these medium voltage motors, including 2 pole, 4 pole and 6 pole.

  • ESR Motors

    ESR Motors are distributors of medium voltage motors from Toshiba, Siemens, US Motors, Baldor, Marathon and Leeson. Toshiba medium voltage motors come in ODP, TEFC, TEAAC, and MV WP2 enclosures. Siemens come in horizontal, vertical and specialty configurations, with many enclosure options.

  • WEG Electric Corp.

    WEG Electric are manufacturers of medium voltage motors, including their M Line WPII motors. Standard features include 2300 to 6600V, 2 to 8 poles, 5000 to 6800 frames, horizontal mounting, and continuous service duty. Optional features for these medium voltage motors include VFD application, service factor of 1.15, class H insulation, high torques, high inertia capability, and more.

  • Leeson Electric, A Regal Beloit Co.

    Leeson are manufacturers of large frame medium voltage motors. Applications include lumber & wood processing mills, pulp & paper, waste management, mineral processing, automotive and other severe duty environments. Leeson's large frame medium voltage motors have a premium Class F system.

  • E & I Sales Co

    E & I Sales, Co. is a distributor of Siemens, U.S. Electric and Teco/Westinghouse medium voltage motors. They offer horizontal and vertical configurations, AC adjustable and multi-speed, AC slip ring, and squirrel cage designs.

  • Saminco Inc.

    Saminco are manufacturers of medium voltage motors available as pipe-ventilated, water-cooled or explosion-proof. Various designs include open drip proof, enclosed fan cooled, enclosed pipe cooled and weather protected. Specs for these medium voltage motors include up to 15,000kW / p to 13.2kV (50/60Hz), IEC and NEMA, class F or H, and TEAAC, TEFC, ODP, TEAO, WPI and WPII enclosures.

  • Homewood Sales Corporation

    Homewood Sales offers medium voltage motors in 300-3000 HP, 4160 volts, for Westinghouse and non-Westinghouse replacements.

  • Columbus Fan & Machine Corp. / DC Industrial Sales

    Columbus Fan offers medium voltage AC motors in 2300 and 4160 volt configurations.