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Motion controllers are used to govern the manner in which an electric motor operates. Motor controllers may be automatic or manual.

Motion controllers are used to govern the manner in which an electric motor operates. Motor controllers may be automatic or manual.

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  • RAE Corporation

    IPC Automation offers PWM/SCR industrial motor controls. The RHV PWM 115 VAC input, 0 to 130 VDC output, 5 A coninuous DC rating, variable-speed PWM output DC drive provides control of permanent magnet motors and gearmotors used in motor operation applications in a single direction. The IPC C192 reversible motor controller is a 115 VAC input, 0-90 VDC output variable speed motor controller designed for shunt-wound field DC motors and gearmotors operating in a two directions.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger are distributors of over 1500 types of industrial motor controllers. The Square D motor starter is a 3 pole, manual, NEMA enclosure type 12, 3 thermal unit, three phase 3 hp, motor starter with a power rating at 230 VAC three phase 3 HP, and 460 VAC three phase 5 HP.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers IEC electric motor controls, including industrial ac motor controllers, for compact control systems. Manufacturers include Bryant, ProSense, Fuji, Eaton Cutler-Hammer, and others. Manual motor controllers feature switch sizes in 30 Amps, 40 Amps and 60 Amps up to 600 VAC, 2-pole and 3-pole configurations, and are available in NEMA 1, 3/3R and 4X motor controller enclosures.

  • Dart Controls, Inc.

    Dart Controls offers motor controls for DC permanent magnet, brushless DC and AC synchronous motors as well as typically used accessories. Their Commutrol Series of brushless DC motor controllers are designed for commutated power and variable speed control for standard three phase brushless (BLDC) motors. Dart's 700 Series includes six models with input/output of 11-40VDC/10-36VDC or 10-54VDC/8-48VDC, and continuous ratings of 200W/5AMPS or 320W/8 AMPS (5A above 40VDC input).

  • Velmex, Inc.

    Velmex is a manufacturer of their VXM stepping motor controller. This is a programmable, two phase, unipolar design that features a small size, low cost, a 4X oversize motor drive, a complete controller/indexer/driver/AC power supply with RS-232 interface, and non-volatile memory for storing 4 user-created programs. The VXM-1J features 6000:1 speed ratio and auto reverse teach for start point, reverse point, and speed.

  • Maxon Motor

    Maxon Motor is a supplier of servo amplifiers and position industrial DC motor controllers and industrial AC motor controls. Customization is available if required. Positioning control units include MIP and EPOS (easy-to-use positioning) with a CANopen interface.

  • MS Kennedy Corp.

    MSK offers a selection of industrial motor controllers and drivers, from compact bridges to brushless DC torque amplifiers. Features include output current from 5 to 800 amps, supply voltages from 55 to 1200 volts, and both hermetic and plastic encapsulated modules. Dozens of models are available with 55V, 75V, 100V, and 200V operation at 5A, 10A, 20A, 23A, 25A and 30A current ratings. Three phase mosfet bridge and H-bridge mosfet are available.

  • Siemens

    Siemens duplex motor controllers are designed for applications that require duplex controls such as duel pumps or blowers. These motor controllers perform both duplexing and alternation. Duplex motor controls consist of twom motor starters in one enclosure. Class 83 is a non-combination duplex, while class 84 is a combination duplex motor controller with two separate disconnects or circuit breakers.

  • AMETEK TIP (Technical & Industrial Products)

    AMETEK brushless DC motors and blowers require a motor/blower controller to operate. Many have them built in but external configurations are also available. MCG servo and variable-speed drives are also offered for both AC and DC input, and for brushless motors up to 360W. The B3610S model operates on 12 or 15 - 36 VDC, 10 amps continuous current, and 10 amps peak current. The BMC12H operates on 70 - 270 Vac, 12.5 A continuous current, and 25 A peak current.

  • Specialty Motions, Inc.

    Specialty Motions is a manufacturer, distributor and integrator of industrial motor controls and drivers for servo and stepper motors. Servo controllers and drives come with a power supply (5A continuous 15A peak servo drive) or without a power supply (sinusoidal servo drive, 100W and 200W versions or sinusoidal servo drive, DC input 7.0A). Stepper controllers and drives come without a power supply.

  • Aerotech, Inc.

    Aerotech offers their A3200 digital motor controller module that supports two or four axes of open loop stepper. Other features include one clock output and direction output per axis, one non-isolated digital input/output per axis (5 VDC), 5-24 VDC opto-isolated CW/CCW/HOME inputs, 16 assignable (in groups of 8) digital I/O, supply voltage of 24 to 80 VDC, and more.

  • Acme Controls Service, Inc.

    Acme Controls offers L91 Proportioning Pressuretrol Controllers from Honeywell. These controllers provide direct control of modulating motors or valves used on automatic burners or steam heating systems. Specs include 24 V, 1/4"-18 NPT mounting, and +32 to +150º F (0 to +66º C) ambient temperature.

  • Optimum Controls Corporation

    The Optimum Controls Corporation manufacturing department produces custom motor controllers, main control consoles, and switchgear units. They also manufacture microprocessor based embedded controllers and application specific programmable controllers.

  • Island Components Group Inc

    Island Components offers brushless motor controllers and Hall sensor controllers. Hall sensor controllers use Hall Effect sensors as a transducer that will vary its output voltage to changes in magnetic field density.

  • BDI

    BDI offers motor controllers for various types of motors, including brushed, brushless, synchronous, servo and stepper. Motor controllers come in different electrical ratings and configurations. Features include soft start, brake outputs and alarms.

  • Curtiss-Wright Corp.

    Curtiss-Wright Controls has designed a family of digital servo motor controllers that provide single, dual and quad-axis motion and position control for military ground vehicle applications.

  • WAGO Corp

    Wago offers their 750-670 and the 750-671 stepper motor controllers for two phase motors. The 750-670 will provide universal pulse and direction output signals to stepper drives from many manufacturers.  The 750-671 features an embedded driver for stepper motors up to 1.5A at 24VDC.

  • Spencer Fluid Power

    Spencer Fluid Power offers Eaton's XT range of manual motor controllers that combine a manual motor protector (MMPs) with an XT contactor to provide a complete motor protection solution. Assembled manual motor controllers consist of manual motor protector, contactor, connector kit and 1NO-1NC auxiliary contact for MMP.

  • AVI Vacuum & Air Systems, LLC

    AVI Vacuum & Air Systems is a manufacturer of motor controllers Their Dryer IQ manages your carwash dryers with a dynamic variable frequency drive (VFD) and customized software. Their Vacuum IQ is an electronic motor control and software program designed for motor-driven centrifugal vacuum and pump systems.

  • Tolomatic, Inc.

    Tolomatic designs, manufactures, and markets automation components. Their AxiomPlus PV motor controllers and drives are for brushless servo systems. The PV features an integrated PLC, motion controller and drive.