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A collection of motor distributors that are searchable by state

A collection of motor distributors that are searchable by state

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  • Fife-Pearce Electric Company

    Fife-Pearce is a distributor of electric motors, drives and magnetics to the power transmission industry. Types available include AC and DC motors and controls, gear motors, spring-set disc brakes, head parts, and permanent and electromagnetic sine plates and chucks. Brands include Bodine, Dings, ABB, Baldor, Graham, Sew-Eurodrive, and US Motors.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger is a distributor of definite purpose, general purpose, and HVAC motors and supplies. Types of motors include 50 Hz, air compressor, cooling tower, farm duty, hazardous location, instant reverse, brake, DC, DC permanent magnet, AC, metric three phase, and many others. Brands include Ametek, Baldor, Dayton, GE, Leeson, Marathon, Autonics, Domel, and more.

  • Bisco Enterprise, Inc.

    BISCO Enterprise is a distributor of many types of low and medium voltage motors and drives for industrial and air ventilation purposes. Types of motors available include NEMA premium efficiency, super premium efficiency, general purpose, severe duty three phase, explosion proof, pump, farm duty, air handling, oil well pumping, compressor, vector, and many others.

  • Marshall Wolf Automation Inc.

    Marshall Wolf Automation is a distributor of AC and DC motors from Groschopp, Leeson, MTE, Techtop Industries, TECO Westinghouse, and WEG. Types of motors include fractional HP (AC and DC), single phase, premium efficiency, three phase, farm duty, universal skeleton, and others.

  • Ferguson Enterprises Inc

    Ferguson carries a wide variety of motors, including condenser, reversible condenser, direct drive blower, oil burner, single phase fan, three speed blower, enclosed, evaporative cooler, belted, furnace, and many more. Brands include Rudd, Rheem, Emerson, Wiz and others.

  • Avana Electrotek Inc.

    Avana Electrotek is a distributor of Baldor AC motors and controls, DC motors and controls, gear products, grinders and buffers, and motion controls/servos. Markets served include OEM's, industrial and commercial plants, service companies, and the power transmission industry. Types of motors available include premium efficiency, brake, commercial, explosion proof, farm duty, general purpose, ODP, severe duty, XPFC, HVAC, pump, washdown, and many others.

  • Bestway Electric Motor Service Co.

    Bestway Electric Motor Service is a distributor of AC and DC motors and controls, as well as gear products from Baldor, ABB, Lincoln, and others. Types of motors available include premium efficiency, automotive, brake, commercial, explosion proof, F2 mounting, farm duty, general purpose (TEFC, TENV, ODP, XPFC), severe duty, HVAC, inverter duty, and many more.

  • Galco Industrial Electronics

    Galco is a distributor of AC, DC, fan, servo, and other types of motors for industrial and commercial applications. Brands include WEG, Leeson, Baldor, ABB, Control Techniques, Marathon, Allen Bradley, Ametek, Crouzet, Danfoss, Eaton, GE, Honeywell, Reliance, and many others.

  • Northwest Electric

    Northwest Electric is a distributor of motors, industrial products, and accessories. Brands include Baldor, Dart, Lincoln, Reliance, Eaton, Marathon, WEG, Cutler Hammer, and others. Types of motors offered include electric, AC, DC, customized, blower, pump, and more.

  • Clearwater Technologies Inc

    CTI Automation are distributors of Baldor AC and DC motors and drives, as well as AC and DC gear motors, servo rated gearheads, motion controllers, servo motors and servo drives. Types include premium efficient, singe phase, general purpose, severe duty, washdown, explosion proof, pump, light industrial and commercial, HVAC, farm duty, definite purpose, unit handling, brake, 200 and 575 volt, IEC, 50 Hz, inverter/vector, and more.

  • MSC Industrial Supply Co.

    MSC is an industrial supply company that offers a wide variety of motors for industrial and commercial markets. Types include air compressor, pump, condenser, fan, furnace, heater, HVAC, definite purpose, general purpose, oil burner, electric, washdown, TENV, TEFC, and so many more.

  • AMETEK TIP (Technical & Industrial Products)

    Ametek Technical & Industrial Products are suppliers of motors from Haydon Kerk, Pittman, Windjammer, Rotron, Nautilair, DurA-Tek, MiniSpiral, and others. Types of motors offered include general purpose, brushless DC, condenser, fuel pump, evaporator, and more.

  • DieQua

    DieQua Corp. are distributors of WATT Drive motors and controls, including vector drives, soft starts, inverters, and DC braking units.

  • Romanoff Industries

    Romanoff Industries are distributors of AC motors, DC motors and equipment, transformers and gear reducers. Types of motors include squirrel cage, brake, design "D", multi-speed, slipring, synchronous, variable speed, vertical, gear, and more.

  • Brehob Corporation

    Brehob are distributors of electric motors from Baldor, ABB, Teco, Leeson, Weg, Sterling, and Worldwide/Hyundai. Types of motors include custom, NEMA premium efficiency, severe duty (AC and DC, single and three phase), gear, brake, vertical pump, specialty types, and more.

  • Houma Armature Works & Supply Inc.

    Houma Armature Works is a supplier of Ward Leonard AC drilling motors. Four different motor sizes, ranging from 400 HP to 1500 Hp, are designed for use in oil patch applications. Houma is also an authorized dealer of Weg, Marathon, Baldor, Leroy Somer, Kato, ABS, Cummings and other motors.

  • Matlock Electric Service

    Matlock is a supplier of motor and power transmission equipment. Types of motors available include AC, DC, IEC metric, gear reducers, drives/inverters, servo motors, and replacement parts. Brands include AO Smith, Baldor, GE, Brook Crompton, Magnetek, Marathon, Reliance, Kato, Leeson, Weg, Westinghouse, and others.

  • Electric Incorporated

    Electric Inc. offers AC and DC motors from AO Smith, Baldor, Emerson, GE, Leeson, Sew, Siemens, Teco, TT, US Electric, Weg, Worldwide, Reliance and Lincoln. Types include brake, cooling tower, eddy current, fractional frame, general purpose, IEC, NEMA, permanent magnet, servo, severe duty, and many others.

  • L & J Electrical Agency

    L&J Electrical Agency are distributors of WEG electric motors. Types available include oil and gas, crusher duty, cement and mining, and explosion proof.

  • A & A Electric Motors & Pumps Sales & Service Inc.

    A&A are distributors of WEG electric motors, including severe duty, general purpose, high efficiency, NEMA premium, crusher duty, definite purpose, explosion proof, fractional, IEC Tru-Metric, pump, synchronous, DC, and high and low voltage motors.