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Motor starters are devices used to start up electric motors and help reduce mechanical stress on the motor and shaft.

Motor starters are devices used to start up electric motors and help reduce mechanical stress on the motor and shaft.

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  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct is an online distributor of IEC electric motor controls, including motor starters from Fuji, Eaton Cutler-Hammer, Stellar and GH. The Fuji manual motor starter is available in a 32A version with a 45mm frame width, and a 63A version with a 55 mm frame width. The Eaton IEC starters are full voltage magnetic starters used for starting polyphase induction motors.

  • WEG Electric Corp.

    WEG Electric is a manufacturer of motor starters, including their models SSW-05, SSW-06, and SSW-07, and also their GPH2 combination soft starters. The SSW-05 are soft starters from 0.75 to 75 hp. The SSW-06 are soft starters with power ratings from 3 to 2500 hp. The SSW-07 are motor starteras with ratings from 6 to 400 hp.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger are distributors of motor starters from Schneider Electric, Square D, and General Electric. Here you will find nearly every power rating, NEMA enclosure type, IEC, non-reversible, reversing, 1 pole, 2 pole, 3 pole, combo, manual, etc. configuration available.

  • Thermal Devices

    Thermal Devices is a distributor of motor controls from Motortronics, Eaton and ABB. Eaton products include NEMA and IEC contactors, starters and circuit breakers (including solid state starters). Motortronics products include solid state starters, medium voltage motor starters, and custom motor control products. ABB products include motor controls, circuit breakers, and soft starters.

  • Gainesville Industrial Electric Co.

    Gainesville offers motor starters in both reversing and non-reversing configurations from GE. The CR306 and 386 non-reversing magnetic motor starters are full voltage (600-Volt maximum) magnetic motor starters. The CR309 magnetic reversing motor controllers are used for lull-voltage starting and reversing of squirrel-cage induction motors up to 600 horsepower. 600 Volts maximum.

  • Baldor

    Baldor is a manufacturer of soft motor starters. Application software senses changing load conditions and adapts to increase performance. Benefits include reduced wear on mechanical gears, chains and sprockets, broken belts and jammed gearboxes.

  • Cook Industrial Electric Co Inc

    Cook Industrial offers IEC motor starters and controls. For soft starters, choose from different series', enclosures, styles, types, horsepower, and other parameters. Manual motor starters offer a variety of trip types, operational amp ratings, thermal trip ranges, magnetic trip ratings, and voltages.

  • Eastland Industries Inc

    Eastland Industries offers their "1 To 3" motor starters that change single phase power to three phase power for use with three phase motors. Features include no bogging down (continuous full torque), plugs into an outlet, quick stop, easy hook up, no programming necessary, and 115V or 230V input to 230V three phase output. These motor starters are used for drills, saws, fans and pump applications.

  • Breakers & Controls Florida, Inc.

    Breakers & Controls Florida are distributors of magnetic motor starters from Siemens-Furnas, Allen Bradley, Cutler Hammer, General Electric and Square D. There are thousands of motor starters available in nearly every conceivable configuration.

  • Motion Industries, Inc.

    Motion Industries offers motor starters, manual motor starters and soft motor starters from Emerson Control, Baldor, Siemens, General Electic, and others. There are literally thousands of configurations to choose from.

  • Siemens

    Siemens manufactures manual motor starters and switches in four classes. Class SMF fractional horsepower motor starters provide on/Off control for small single phase motors. Class MMS and MRS manual motor and reversing switches operate single or three phase AC or DC motors. Class 11 3RV across the line manual motor starters provide local control for single or three phase motors up to 15 HP.

  • General Air Products, Inc.

    General Air Products is a manufacturer of motor starters for thermal overload protection. Their IEC line starters provide protection from harmful currents and temperature rises that may be caused by either overloading the motor, sustained low line voltage, or a locked rotor.

  • Anver Corp. - Anver.Com

    Anver motor starters combine the functions of short circuit protection, current overload protection, switching and three phase, and come in a wide application range from 0.1 to 25 Full Load Amp (FLA). These units are primarily used for vacuum pumps.

  • Cal Supply Company, Inc.

    Cal Supply are suppliers of motor starters used to start electric motors. Motor starters are typically used on 3 hp and larger motors, or smaller motors that need to be  remotely controlled. They are sized by the current they have to carry, and rated by horsepower and voltage.

  • Spencer Fluid Power

    Spencer Fluid Power offers Eaton Freedom Series motor starters available from NEMA Size 00-8 that can cover applications up to 900 hp. These motor starters feature a full line of snap-on accessories common to both IEC and NEMA devices.

  • GoldenGadgets

    GMI is a distributor of motor starters from Allen-Bradley, Westinghouse and Square D. The Allen-Bradley is a 75 hp #4 motor starter in a soft start, manual autotransformer configuration. The Westinghouse is a NEMA #5 reversing motor starter. The Square D is a 10 hp @ 460V/3PH fused motor starter.

  • Workmaster

    Workmaster motor starters minimize motor failures, tripping and downtime. Features include industrial grade pushbuttons and metal housings, spiral-wrap sheath wiring harnesses, NEMA rated ABB contactors, THHN control wiring, and more.

  • National Liftgate Parts, Inc.

    National Liftgate Parts offers motor starters for liftgates. Choices include mounting kits used on Maxon, Waltco and Venco brands, kits without switches/caps/stems, kits with canister switches, mounting kits with no switches, and others.

  • Select Equipment Co., Inc.

    Select Equipment specializes in new, used and reconditioned  motor starters and motor controls. New stock includes such brands as Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Square D, GE, Westinghouse, and others.

  • ESR Motors

    ESR are distributors of motor starters from Toshiba, Benshaw and Baldor. They also stock many different types of motors, including severe duty, explosion proof, inverter duty, general purpose, and many others.