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Pancakes are a type of electric motor that feature a flat commutator  and vertical shaft. These motors are popular in model cars.

A pancake motor is a type of AC or DC electric motor that features a flat commutator and vertical shaft. This motor type is commonly used in high-torque, low-speed operations. High torque, brushless pancake motors often feature stator coils on both sides of the rotor, while lower torque pancake motors operate with a stator coil on one side of the rotor. Several types of pancake motors include 3-phase and planetary gear train.

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  • Cloud Electric

    Cloud Electric offers a variety of permanent magnet DC pancake brushed motors. The ME0909 PMDC 4 HP pancake motor features 12-48V VDC, 100 amps continuous, and 300 amps peak for 1/2 minute. The ME0709 PMDC pancake motor offers 24-72V VDC, 125 amps continuous, 300 amps peak for 1 minute. The ME1003 is a PMDC pancake brushed double magnet motor featuring 12-72V VDC, 200 amps continuous, 400 amps peak for 1 minute.

  • Applimotion, Inc.

    Applimotion manufactures their UTH Series pancake motors geared to high outputs and high motor constants. They can be found in diameters between 29 and 533 mm with kinetic energy ranging from <5 V/krpm to 2,700 V/krpm, torque from 0.6 oz/in to 11,074 oz/in, and single-slot wound stators for more consistent performance and reliability.

  • Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions

    Haydon Kerk manufactures pancake rotary motors with low profiles and high torque for applications in relatively flat spaces. Utilizing a patented enlarged rotor with low inductance coils, these motors provide superior torque and continuous performance. The 80000 Series motor has a maximum diameter of 3.15" (80 mm) and is less than 1/2" (12.7 mm) thick. Other specs include 3.75° step angle, 12 VDC operation, .50 A current/phase, and 20oz-in (14.12Ncm) hold torque.

  • Heinzmann

    Heinzmann manufactures brushless, EL-EC disc (pancake) motors that are maintenance-free and durable. The 11B single-sided model offers the flattest design, with speeds from 1,500 to 6,000 RPM and torque from 2.5 to 28 Nm. These can be used in the construction of common machines, for printing units and machine tools, and to drive pumps and generations. 22B double-sided pancake motors offer additional torque ranging from up to 3.8 Nm for the smallest size to 40 Nm for the largest, for applications that require higher torque, speed or power.

  • Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH

    Baumuller manufactures disc (pancake) motors in compact, flat designs that can fit in axial spaces as small as 36.5 mm. The GDM DC pancake motors are permanent magnet types with barrel commutators and ironless rotors giving them low inertia and high dynamism throughout the whole speed range. These include the compact GDM 75-12 Series and the GDM 100-250 motors, both up to 4500 W with barrel commutators and ironless rotors.

  • Granite Devices

    Granite Devices offers a low RPM, high torque pancake motor kits for direct drive applications. Motors are capable of 70 Nm continuous torque and 210 Nm peak torque, 0 to 250 RPM speed, 1700 W continuous power, and 88% typical efficiency at full speed and load. Typical total thickness is 82 mm while maximum external diameter is 310 mm. Applications include direct drive robotic arms, precision feeding, direct drive power generators, and industrial direct drive speed, torque or position control.

  • Micromo

    MicroMo sells flat, brushless DC pancake motors that offer no cogging, hysteresi, or eddy current losses. Micromotors are available in the 15 mm 1509B Series and 26 mm 2610B Series, offering speeds to 16,000 RPM and 7,000 RPM, and stall torques to 0.97 mNm and 7.73 mNm. Regular flat brushless DC motors come in the 12 mm 1202BH and 16 mm 1608BH, providing speeds to 60,000 RPM and 12,000 RPM, and stall torques to 0.14 mNm and 0.203 mNm. Other available options include high precision gearboxes, and autoclavable and vacuum-rated motors.

  • Kollmorgen Corp.

    Kollmorgen features ServoDisc pancake motors featuring a flat, thin armature design rotating in an axial air gap. The result is minimal axial form factor. Its slotless and ironless design creates a motor that exhibits zero cogging during application, in addition to a 12 to 33 Nm torque range, 1.2+ billion revolution operating life, and acceleration that goes from 0 to 4,000 RPM in under 60 degrees of rotation in 10 milliseconds. The DC design and low voltage requirements allow the motor to operate with cost-effective drive electronics or with battery power.

  • Maxon Motor

    Maxon manufactures flat, brushless DC pancake motors from 6 to 90 mm and 0.03 to 90 watts. Motors with outer rotors are meant for barcode scanners, robotics, air samplers, conveyors, etc., and offer long service life, relatively high intertia, and low detent. They are also available with or without Hall sensors. Motors with inner rotors (EC-i) can be used in robotics and industrial automation, and provide excellent volume/performance ratio and service life.

  • Jaguar Precision Industry Co Ltd

    Jaguar Precision Industry (JPI) is a designer and manufacturer of motors, including coreless flat pancake motors. Most units are available in either 12V or 24V, in rosh, golden, and black colors, and in a variety of diameters. If stocked parts do not meet customer specifications, the company also does custom manufacturing.