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Permanent magnets are used to provide the magnetic field for synchronous machines.

Typically comprised of neodymium-boron-iron, samarium-cobalt, or ferrite, permanent magnets are used to provide the magnetic field for synchronous machines. In some motors, these permanent magnets are mounted on the surface of the rotor core, inset into the rotor core surface, or inserted in slots.Permanent magnet motors have become the main motor-type utilized for fractional horsepower applications, as magnet motors are smaller, lighter and more efficient than over-wound stator types.In the past, permanent magnets were traditionally used on small motors; however advances in materials technology have allowed the creation of high-intensity, permanent magnets

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  • RAE Corporation

    RAE offers five series' of permanent magnet motors. The M1500 Series features 1/60 hp up to 1/12 hp, the M1600 Series 1/30 hp up to 1/8 hp, the M400 Series 1/30 hp up to 1/4 hp, the M6000 Series 1/20 hp up to 1/3 hp, and the OPTI 4000 Series permanent magnet motors offer 1/17 hp up to 1/3 hp.

  • Hansen Corporation

    Hansen Corp supplies DC permanent magnet motors with die cast endbells, lubricated sintered bronze ball bearings, and built-in electrical noise suppression. These permanent magnet motors are available in brush, brushless, and geared brush configurations.

  • NMB Technologies

    NMB supplies standard permanent magnet step motors in an encapsulated stator design in a outside diameter range from 20 to 55 mm. Various models feature step angles in 18°, 15°, and 7.5°. Permanent magnet stepper motors are offered in a step angle range from 3.6° to 18° and an outer diameter size range of 10 to 55 nn. Those with a plastic planetary gearbox feature a gear ratio range from 1/50 to 1/200, geared step angle range from 0.0267° to 0.524°, and an outer diameter range from 10 to 35 mm.

  • ElectroCraft

    ElectroCraft features DirectPower and DirectPower Plus permanent magnet DC motors with various voltage and torque capabilities. The DirectPower motors are conventional brush-type permanent magnet DC motors. The DP15 DirectPower PMDC features a NEMA 15 size and peak torque of 45 oz-in. The DP20 DirectPower PMDC features a NEMA 20 size and peak torque of 72 oz-in.

  • MET Motors

    Met Motors manufactures permanent magnet DC motors in Nema 32, 36, 42 and 56 frame sizes or 3.2, 3.6, 4.2, and 6 inch diameters These permanent magnet motors are configured as totally enclosed non-ventilated, open vented style or any other custom designs. Benefits include 1/50 HP continuous operation to 1/2 HP intermittent duty ratings.

  • Aerotech, Inc.

    Aerotech produces a SM series of hybrid, permanent magnet stepper motors. Six standard models can operate at a range from 0.27 to 7.42 N-m of torque. The standard 200 full step (1.8 degree/step) design is ideal for microstepping to 50,000 steps/revolution. These permanent magnet motors feature stainless steel shaft, double-shielded bearings, flying leads, rear shaft extensions, load-end shaft flats and black textured finish. Optional additions include a rear housing that provides a bulkhead connector or integral cable termination, home marker encoder, and encoder with 500 or 1000 ppr.

  • Rotomag

    Rotomag supplies permanent magnet DC motors including industrial PMDC, mini PMDC, battery operated PMDC and treadmill motors. Industrial permanent magnet DC motors feature 0.25 to 3 HP, 90/180 V, and 1500/1700/3000 RPM. Mini configurations offer 1/20th to 1/4th HP, 12/24 V, and 1500/3000 RPM.

  • Micromo

    Micromo offers high power permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motors in a diameter range from 34 to 110 mm, a length range from 94 to 313 mm, graphite commutation, nominal torque range from  0.019 to 2.7 Nm, nominal speed range from 3,000 to 6,000 rpm, and nominal power range from 12 to 700 Watts.

  • MTS

    MTS supplies small, permanent magnet synchronous motors in various speeds, configurations, and clockwise or counterclockwise rotations. The M004 motor features an electrically-biased direction system, shading bar, instantaneous starting of 250 milliseconds, rotor speed of 450 RON and a stall torque rating of 112 in/oz at 1 RPM. The M002 and M006 models feature an mechanical direction system and proper orientation of the rotor. The M002 features a rotor speed of 600 RPM with a high stall torque rating of 375 in/oz at 1 RPM, while the M006 features a rotor speed of 240 RPM and stall torque rating of 43 in/oz.

  • Hampton

    Hampton produces permanent magnet DC motors designed in NEMA frame sizes. Thirteen models of permanent magnet DC motors are offered in a range fom 1/8 to 5 HP, torque range from 1.5 to 24.5, length range from 8.13 to 25.25 inches, armature VDC of 90 and 180, and DC drive VAC of 120 and 240. These motors feature easy access to brushes for easy cleaning, non-vented and fan cooled versions, UL recognition, and compatibility with 120/240 VAC single phase silicon controlled rectifier drives.

  • Lynch Motor Co.

    Lynch manufactures permanent magnet DC motors in 3 basic frame sizes with a variety of options. The LEM-130 models of the 95 and 95S motors are offered with 6 load currents, 138 Rpm/V constant speed, peak powers of 3 and 4 kW, and rated torque of 4.35 Nm. The LEM-170 permanent magnet models of the 126, 127, and D127 motors are offered with 4, 5, and 18 load currents, constant speed range of 62 to 140 RPM/V, peak power range from 7 to 21 kW, and rated torque range from 12.2 to 18.2 Nm. The LEM-200 models of the 126, 127, D126, D127, and D135 motors are offered with range of 3.5 to 10 load currents, constant speed range of 45 to 105 RPM/V, peak power range from 7.59 to 29.04 kW, and rated torque range from 18.3 to 36.4 Nm.

  • Siemens

    Siemens provides a full line of synchronous, permanent magnet DC motors. The 1FK7 are synchronous permanent magnet motors featured in high dynamic, high inertia and compact models. They are self-cooled and feature rotatable connectors and pre-assembled cables. The 1FT6 are permanent-magnet synchronous motors with triple overload, high surface quality and high degree of protection. The 1FT7 are synchronous motors with a compact size with quadruple overload capability, minimal torque ripple, rotatable connection and a model types of compact and high dynamic. The 1FS6 are synchronous motors with explosion protection and natural cooling with separate terminal boxes. The 1FU8 SIEMOSYN are motors for single and group drives featuring high maximum speeds up to 15,000 rpm.

  • Dumore Motors

    Dumore Corporation manufactures custom fractional horsepower electric motors and gearmotors, including permanent magnet DC motors, right angle worm drive permanent magnet DC gearmotors, parallel shaft permanent magnet DC gearmotors, and planetary permanent magnet DC gearmotors.. Dumore's sub-fractional motors are available with 4.5 - 230 VDC, optional mountings, optional brakes, clutches and encoders and universal AC options. Gear motor options include parallel shaft and right angle configurations, single and double shaft extensions, optional brakes clutches and encoders.

  • Synchrony Inc.

    Synchrony offers NovaDrive motors utilizing permanent magnet rotors that support magnetic bearings. NovaDrive motors and NovaGen generators are offered in the 100 oil-less drive train and 400 oil-less drive train configurations. The NovaGen/NovaDrive 100 oil-less drive train features 100 kW, 60,000 rpm and 480 VAC. The NovaGen/NovaDrive 400 oil-less drive train features 400 kW, 20,000 rpm and 480 VAC.

  • Fisher Electric

    Fisher Electric Technology manufactures 3 phase permanent magnet brushless electric motors. Model 1 features a rotor size of 1 inch, 1.5 kW power, 12,000 RPM speed, and a 2.5 inch O.D. The Model 3 permanent magnet motor features a rotor size of 3 inches, 9 kW power, 12,000 RPM speed, and 5 inch outside diameter. Model 5 features a rotor size of 5 inches, 4.5 to 20 kW power, 3,200 RPM speed, and 8 inch outside diameter. Model 7 features a rotor size of 7 inches, 60 kW power, 4,000 RPM speed, and 10 inch O.D. Model 10 features a rotor size of 10 inches, 100 kW power, 2,000 RPM speed, and 15 inch O.D.

  • ABB

    ABB offers permanent magnet motors with a torque range from 1000 to 50 000 Nm, rotor magnetization, enclosed IP 55 construction, and air or liquid cooled options. Permanent magnet motors feature a frame size of IEC 280 to 560, cast iron and welded steel materials, output power of 0 - 220 r/min with 17 - 1120 kW at 220 r/min, 0 - 300 r/min with 25 - 1600 kW at 300 r/min, 0 - 430 r/min with 38 - 2240 kW at 430 r/min, and 0 - 600 r/min with 57 - 2500 kW at 600 r/min.

  • Sonceboz

    Sonceboz offers permanent magnet stepper motors in step angles of 7.5º to 15º, sizes  from 25.4 to 57 mm and maximum holding torques from 11 to 120 mNm. These permanent magnet stepper motors can accommodate additional features such as gear train with shaft, lead-screw and nut, sensor, driver or anti-rotation device (fail-safe).

  • DRS Electric Power Technologies

    DRS Technologies builds permanent magnet brushless motors with a compact, water cooled drive. The PA44-5W-002 features high torques, compact size, light weight, total enclosure, liquid cooling and high shock endurance. Performance features includes 336 KW rated power, 2860 rpm rated speed, 1120 Nm torque at rated speed, 2000 NM peak torque and 700 V peak. The motor features a 25.5" diameter and 8.8" length.

  • Motor Specialty Inc.

    Motor Specialty Inc. makes the model 3100 permanent magnet motor that features ball bearings and external brush structure, TS lamination, face mounting, shaft diameters of .375", .4375", and .500", single or double shaft extension, and rotation types including CW, CCW, or reversible.

  • Autotrol Corporation

    Autotrol offers permanent magnet synchronous AC gearmotors designed for medical equipment, pumps, industrial controls, appliances, displays, printers, timers, chart recorders and computer peripheral equipment. There are six models to choose from.