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Piezoelectric motors produce acoustic or ultrasonic vibrations in order to produce a linear or rotary motion, similar to the way a caterpillar moves.

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  • PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

    Physik Instrumente provides a number of different piezoelectric motors, including their PILine and NEXACT/NEXLINE designs. PILine resonant motors are a simple design with speeds to 800 mm/s. NEXLINE and NEXACT stepping piezoelectric motor actuators can achieve higher resolution, forces and dynamic performance (analog mode).

  • Electric Motor Center, Inc.

    Electric Motor Center provides sales and service of piezo motors to customers in Arkansas and neighboring states. Their linear piezoelectric motors feature single axis or dual-axis stages driven by piezo-friction motors in a compact size. Piezoelectric motor applications include fiber optics, scanning probe microscopy, electronic component alignment, biological sample manipulation, and automated manufacturing.

  • Micromo

    Micromo designs and manufactures piezoelectric motors. Their PiezoWave motor is designed for high volume applications, with a high force to size ratio. Micromo's Piezo Legs motor is easily adapted to different specifications and demands, and comes in linear or rotational configurations.

  • New Scale Technologies

    New Scale Technologies is a micro-manufacturing company delivering small motion systems. Their patented "Squiggle" piezoelectric micro motor has the smallest size with high force and speed. They are ideal for micro cameras and wearable medical devices.

  • Piezo Motor

    PiezoMotor AB focuses on miniaturization, motorization, and increased precision when it comes to their piezoelectric motor designs. The two motors they offer are the Piezo Legs (linear and rotary) and the PiezoWave. These can help you make your products smaller, more precise, and easier to control and adjust.