Motors • Pneumatic (Air) Motors

Type of motor that does mechanical work by expanding compressed air to produce linear motion.

Type of motor that does mechanical work by expanding compressed air to produce linear motion.

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  • Suhner Manufacturing, Inc.

    Suhner offers nearly a half dozen pneumatic motors to choose from. Their Type A is a 75 W small, lightweight motor. The Type B are powerful 220 W pneumatic motors. The Type C is a high output, compact 340/370 W design. The Type E is a powerful and sturdy pneumatic motor with 600 W. The Type H is extremely powerful at 1000 W.

  • Blue Tools Co.

    Blue Tools is a distributor of pneumatic air motors from  Buckeye, Cooper Power Tools, Dotco and Gardner-Denver. Types of pneumatic motors available include axial piston, radial piston and rotary vane air motors. Models are available in 0.3 - 15HP and 0.2 - 1952 torque.

  • Pneumatic Tools Online

    Pneumatic Tools Online is a distributor of CP Desoutter and Ingersoll Rand pneumatic air motors. Desoutter air motors come in over a half dozen series'. Ingersoll Rand pneumatic air motors come in over 200 cataloged models with options such as vane or piston configurations, reversible or non-reversible types, geared & non-geared varieties, 0.10 to 30 horsepower,  0.10 ft-lb. to 1090 ft-lb. torque ratings and 23 rpm to 26,000 rpm speed ratings.

  • Lehigh Fluid Power, Inc.

    Lehigh JHDA Series linear air motors feature a single unit mounted heavy duty air cylinder and air valve mounted. Linear air motors are also available for automatic operation (automatic return or automatic reciprocating). Features include 1" to 8" bore and operating pressure to 125 PSI.

  • Southwestern Controls

    Southwestern Controls is a provider of Gast gear and air motors. These are non-lubricated air motors and air powered gear motors used in a wide variety of applications. Lubricated air motors come in over a half dozen models ranging from 1/3 to 9 1/2 HP. Speeds are available from 300 to 10,000 RPM.

  • Fluidtechnik

    Dusterloh Fluidtechnik manufactures high torque, low speed fluid motors, including air motors, air starters, and pneumatic gearwheel motors, as well as axial piston, radial piston, hydraulic brake, hydraulic geared, and system unit motors with integral gear reduction.

  • Midwest Mixing, Inc.

    Midwest Mixing is a manufacturer of mixers of all types. They offer air motors that come with a needle valve for speed control. Also available are electric motors.

  • Fluid Motion Sales, Inc.

    Fluid Motion Sales is a distributor of Airpro air motors, and W.C. Branham rodless pneumatic and electric cylinders and pneumatic cable cylinders with optional brakes.

  • P-M-E Equip, Inc.

    P-M-E Equip, Inc. is a distributor of Buckeye air motors, and Gardner-Denver air power motors and air hoists. Air tools are also available from Cleco and Dotco.

  • Price Engineering Co. Inc.

    Price Engineering provides industrial pneumatic motors of all types from such manufacturers as Casappa, Eaton Char-Lynn, Eaton Vickers, Haldex, Ingersoll Rand (air motors), and Kawasaki.

  • Kaman Industrial Technologies

    Kaman carries pneumatic components to meet your fluid power requirements, including pneumatic air motors, couplings, valves, flow controls, blow guns, cylinders, and air preparation components such as FRL's and dryers.