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Reversible motors are motors that can operate in two directions such as garage door motors and gate motors.

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  • MET Motors

    Met Motors is a manufacturer of 3.2", 3.6" and 6" diameter permanent magnet DC motors for OEM customers. Reversible motors from Met Motors feature variable speeds rated via external PWM or SCR controller power input.

  • Oriental Motor U.S.A. Corp.

    Oriental Motor offers a full catalog of reversible motors including the World K series capacitor-run, single-phase motors and the V series noise reducing reversible motors. Both lines come in a variety of sizes and varying powers for a wide array of applications.

  • Hansen Motors

    Hansen Corp is a manufacturer of a variety of electric motors including several reversible AC synchronous motors, stepper motors and permanent magnet motors for a wide array of applications. Hansen's line of DC gear motors features an SE15 Permanent Magnet DC Motor mounted on Hansen's Synchron gear train. These motors are available in five mounting configurations and a wide range of gear ratios.

  • DynaMotors

    DynaMotors designs and manufactures variable speed, high torque motors from 1/4 to 2 horse power including AC brushless motor. Dyanmotors products eliminate RFI/EMI while providing GCFI protected circuit compatibility.

  • Panasonic Co.

    Panasonic is a globally distributed manufacturer of industrial components including a large selection of induction motors, reversible motors, low noise motors and variable speed drives in a wide array of sizes and horsepower. Panasonic reversible motors offer instant reverse  charactieristics with minimum overrun.

  • Leeson Electric, A Regal Beloit Co.

    Leeson is a manufacturer of a variety of instant reversing motors designed for parking gates, door operators and slide gate applications. PSC design offering low inrush and full load amps. 150% starting torque, approximate, is suitable for hard to start loads. 1/3-1/2 HP.

  • CS Unitec Inc

    Unitec is a manufacturer of a variety of power tools for construction and mining applications and offers a full line of reversible tube rolling motors, drills and drive units. Unitec's slow-speed electric motors feature high-torque, two-geared and variable-speed configurations ideal for drilling, reaming and tapping steel.