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Small motors can be used in a wide range of applications, including: household electronic appliances, handheld devices, motorized toys, small track drives, etc.

Small motors can be used in a wide range of applications, including: household electronic appliances, handheld devices, motorized toys, small track drives, etc.

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  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers small motors in the following configurations: inverter/vector duty AC, general purpose rolled-steel AC, general purpose DC, and general purpose cast-iron AC. IronHorse general purpose DC motors feature two-lead connections, dynamic braking options, high starting torques, and input power ratings up to 230 Volts. These motors can handle horsepower ratings up to 2 HP, full load torques up to 5.84 lb-ft, ambient operating temperatures up to 104°C, and overall speeds up to 2000 RPM. Applications include: reversing, dynamic braking, constant torques, adjustable speeds, turntables, and conveyors.

  • Micromo

    Micromo offers small motors in the following configurations: miniature stepper motor drive systems, high powered permanent magnet DC servomotors, coreless DC motors, brushless DC servomotors, and brushless DC micromotors. High powered permanent magnet DC servomotors come in diameters ranging from 34 to 120mm, lengths ranging from 94 to 313mm, nominal torques up to 1.899 mNm, and nominal speeds ranging from 3000 to 6000 mNm. These servomotors feature a variety of attachments, a bar-wound armature design, permanent magnet fields, and a robust industrial design. Micromo also supplies piezo motors, micro precision systems, drive electronics, encoders, gearheads, etc.

  • Maxon Motor

    Maxon Motor offers small motors in the following configurations: brushless DC with optimized price/performance ratio, standard brushless DC, brushed DC with neodymium magnets, brushed DC with ironless rotors, and brushed DC with AINiCo magnets. Brushless DC motors with optimized price/performance ratios feature a robust design, neodymium magnets, electronic commutations, and high speed capabilities. These motors have electrical ratings ranging from 5 to 120 watts, and they come in four different motor sizes: Ø16, 22, 30, and 40mm. Applications include: apnea devices, engraving systems, spectrometers, air detecting systems, industrial robots, etc. Maxon Motor also provides sensors, ceramic products, compact drive products, micro drive products, encoders, DC tachos, servo amplifiers, etc.

  • Anaheim Automation

    Anaheim Automation offers small PMDC motors in the following models: BDR-33-23, BDR-32-20, BDD-36-49, BDD-24-27, and BDD-20-25. Model BDR-33-23 small DC motors feature RoHS compliance, CE certification, 32mm diameters, and they have a variety of high volume applications. These motors can handle no load speeds up to 5540 RPM, nominal voltages up to 12V, maximum efficient currents up to 0.22A, and maximum efficient torques up to 0.23 oz-in. Anaheim Automation motors are available in diameter sizes up to 52mm.

  • PE (Power Electric)

    PE offers electric and electric gear motors in the following configurations: AC, DC, PM, stepper, brushless, right angle, planetary, offset, and spur. AC gear motors feature rated voltages ranging from 110 to 220V, frequencies up to 50 Hz, rated speeds ranging from 1800 to 5000 r/min, and power ratings up to 40W. They can handle speeds up to 100,000 RPM, multiple rolling torques up to 1300, and rated currents ranging from 0.3 to 0.72A.

  • NMB Technologies

    NMB Technologies offers small motors in the following configurations: permanent magnet with linear actuators, planetary gearbox, standard permanent magnet, and hybrid stepper. Standard permanent magnet step motors come in OD sizes ranging from 10 to 55mm, they have step angles ranging from 3.60° to 18°, and +/-10% accuracies. Hybrid stepper motors feature dielectric strengths up to AC 500V, insulation ratings up to 100MΩ, ambient temperature ranges from -20 to +50°C, and step accuracies up to +/-5%.

  • Northern Tool & Equipment

    Northern Tool & Equipment offers small motors for a wide range of applications, including: winches, metal fabrication, toys, air tools, logging, auto repair, air compressors, engines, construction, hydraulics, power tools, fans, etc. Leeson farm duty electric motors can handle speeds up to 1725 RPM, horsepower ratings up to 1/2 HP, voltages up to 115/208 Volts, and Amps ranging from 3.9 to 230 Volts. These motors feature NEMA 56/totally enclosed frames, 5/8" shank diameters, CSA/UL recognition, and double-sealed ball bearings. They have applications for tough agricultural environments.

  • Ultimate Washer

    Ultimate Washer offers small AC electric motors in a variety of configurations. Model AR-R6010 electric motors feature NEMA 213 frames, TEFC enclosures, optional thermal protection, and a black anodized/C-face construction. These motors have horsepower ratings up to 7.5 HP, full load Amp ratings up to 22.4, voltages up to 460V, and speeds up to 1750 RPM.

  • New Scale Technologies

    New Scale Technologies manufactures motion control devices including very small motors. The SQUIGGLE micro motor is a piezoelectric motor that can create high force and speed with only a few moving parts. Their tiny UTAF (Ultra Thin Auto Focus) motors are used with phone cameras.