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A motor whose housing and terminal box is designed so that the motor can run while submerged. Typically used for water well and other deep hole applications.

A motor whose housing and terminal box is designed so that the motor can run while submerged. Typically used for water well and other deep hole applications.

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  • Franklin Electric Co., Inc.

    Franklin Electric are manufacturers of 6-inch and 8-inch submersible motors typically used in large water wells that require high flow rates or deep installations. Six inch submersible motors come in Standard, Hi-Temp 90, and Volt-X models. Eight inch motors come in Standard and Hi-Temp 75 designs.

  • Koffler

    Koffler is a distributor of Lincoln brand hydraulic elevator pump submersible  motors. There are well over a dozen models to choose from. These submersible motors are totally open frame construction, three phase, foot mounted in a 160ZBS frame size, and are rated up to 6 floors at speeds up to 200 fpm.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger is an online distributor of Franklin brand deep well submersible motors. There are over 40 models to choose from, including single or three phase, 3 wire, 1/3 HP - 5 HP, 230V, 460V, 4" diameter, and much more.

  • Global Industrial

    Global Industrial are distributors of US Motors brand submersible elevator motors. These are 3 - 30 HP, three phase, 1745 - 3410 RPM submersible motors with "Z" and L32 flanges. There are nearly 20 models to choose from. Voltage options run from 220 V, 208-230/460 V, 200 V, 575 V, or 230/460 V.

  • K/M Specialty Pumps and Systems, Inc.

    KM Specialty Pumps is a supplier of submersible motors. The Series "A" Muncher Grinder is a high torque, low speed grinder that comes with either a 5.0 hp or 2.0 HP submersible motor. Each has a capacity of up to 5,315 gpm.

  • Submersible Motor Engineering USA

    SME-USA are designers, manufacturers and suppliers of submersible electric motors for deep well pumps, SUBSEA equipment, sump pumps, and special purpose requirements. Submersible motors come in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 inch designs.

  • Goulds Water Technology

    Goulds Pumps, a division of ITT, offers deep well submersible  motors in 6" and larger configurations. The 6" canned design motor features a replaceable plug-in motor lead. The 8" to 10" rewindable water-tight submersible motors are leak-resistant.

  • Baldor

    Baldor are manufacturers of submersible motors. They offer a 30 hp, 1750 rpm, 3 phase, 60 hz, TENV submersible motor for wastewater, slurry pump, aerator and mixer applications. These are all cast iron construction with 416 stainless steel shafts. Baldor submersible motors are suitable for both wet pit and dry pit requirements.

  • Mather & Sons Pump Service

    Mather & Sons are distributors of Goulds CentriPro 6"-12" submersible deep well water pump motors. These submersible motors come in single and three phase with 6" canned design motor features. The single phase motors are available in 5 - 15 HP, 230 volt models. The three phase submersible motors are available in 5 - 200 HP in 200, 230, 460 and 575 volt models.

  • Kollmorgen Corp.

    Kollmorgen manufactures submersible motors. Their Goldline "S" Series are brushless motors that feature stainless steel and aluminum nickel bronze housings. These submersible motors are pressure compensated to 20,000 feet and designed to withstand extreme environments. There are five models in the "S" Line to choose from.

  • Alstra Industries

    Alstra specializes in the re-manufacturing of submersible electric motors for water well and other deep hole applications. They offer 12" motors from 75 hp to 200 hp, 14" motors from 150 hp to 300 hp, 16" submersible motors from 250 hp to 600 hp, 1200 or 1800 nominal RPM, in 460 volt, 2300 volt, or 4160 volt configurations.

  • F & Q Pumps, Inc.

    F&Q Pumps are producers of submersible motors that feature cast iron motor housings, 420 stainless steel shafts, F-Class insulation standard (H-Class 185F available), and heavy duty ball bearings that are sealed and greased for life. Three submersible motor models are available with output power ratings of 1HP/1.5HP/2HP/3HP, 5HP/7.5HP, and 10HP/15HP.

  • Mid-America Pump & Supply

    Mid-America Pump & Supply are distributors of submersible motors from Franklin Electric (4", 6", 8"), Hitachi (canned-type and water tight insulated-wire type), Centri-Pro (1/2 -1 1/2 HP, single-phase), and Karlington (4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” motors from 1/2 HP through 400HP in 2 pole, 4 pole and 6 pole configurations).

  • Worldwide Power & Pumps Services

    Worldwide Power and Pumps Services are distributors of Grundfos and Franklin Electric brand submersible motors. Franklin submersible motors come in 4" and 6" configurations. These are pump motors made of stainless steel that come in single phase - 2 wire, single phase - 3 wire, and three phase - 3 wire models. Grundfos submersible motors come in single phase - 2 wire (1/2 to 1 1/2 HP), single phase - 3 wire (1/2 to 5 HP), and three phase - 200, 230 and 460 V models (1/2 to 5 HP).

  • Berkeley

    Berkeley are distributors of Hitachi brand 6" - 14" submersible motors. Horsepower and temperature ratings are continuous for operation at 95°F (35°C). Specs include 5 - 150 HP, and 200v, 230v and 460v.

  • Electric Incorporated

    Electric Inc. are distributors of motors from AO Smith, Baldor, Emerson, GE, Leeson, Siemens, TECO, WEG, and others. Types of motors include submersible, explosion proof, general purpose, IEC, NEMA, pump, variable frequency, and more.

  • Major Turbine

    Major Turbine Pump & Supply are distributors of Franklin Electric 6" submersible motors. Their 6" Volt-X motors are built with a dual voltage feature that utilizes a voltage change device allowing the motor to be connected for operation in either 230 V or 460 V.