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Powered by rotor spun coils passing magnets at the same rate as the AC current causing a magnetic field that provides drive.

Synchronous motors feature zero slip under usual operating conditions, which differs them from induction motors. The speed of a synchronous motor is independent of the load, with the motor’s construction allowing for increased electrical efficiency when low speed is required.Used in the packaging, plastic, metals, food and beverage, and material handling industries, synchronous motors are intended for industrial applications where constant speed is necessary despite fluctuation of load or line voltage. The motors also have the ability to stop with a few degrees of rotation.There are two major types of synchronous motors: non-excited and direct-current excited. Non-excited motors are available in reluctance and hysteresis designs, and can employ a self-starting circuit. DC-excited motors require direct current supplied through slip rings for excitation.Synchronous motors are available with sub-fractional, fractional, and high-horsepower ranges. Most fractional horsepower synchronous motors are used in applications where precise, constant speed is required. High-horsepower, industrial- sized motors convert AC energy to work and provide power-factor correction.

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  • Hansen Motors

    Hansen Motors manufactures AC synchronous motors in geared hysteresis and permanent magnet designs. The geared hysteresis synchronous motors have very low cogging torque and are used for back-driving. Available as round 2-hole, round 4-hole, pear shallow, and pear deep types, the hysteresis motors feature speeds from 0.8 rpm to 360 rpm, 360 rpm to 0.5 rph, and 1/2rph down to revolution per week.

  • Anaheim Automation

    Anaheim Automation Inc. manufactures AC synchronous motors for applications requiring constant speed and the ability to stop within a few degrees of rotation. Available in six sizes ranging from 55 mm to 150 mm, these synchronous motors feature a frequency of 60 Hz, a motor speed of 72 rpm, and maximum torque ranging from 51 oz-in. to 1,841 oz-in.


  • Arc Systems, Inc.

    ARC Systems Inc. manufactures hystersis synchronous motors designed to meet military and commercial requirements. The synchronous AC motors range in size from 8 to 44, and are used in applications where constant speed and smooth operation are required. Depending on model, these motors feature a synchronous speed spanning 600 to 12,000 rpm; frequencies of 60, 100, and 400 Hz.

  • Oriental Motor U.S.A. Corp.

    Oriental Motors USA Inc. manufactures synchronous motors in frame sizes ranging from 2.36 in. (60 mm) up to 3.54 in (90 mm). The output power of each motor varies from 4 W up to 25 W. The company's synchronous motors run on a single-phase 115 VAC power supply, and provide fixed speed operation regardless of fluctuation of load or line voltage.

  • B & R Industrial Automation

    B & R Automation offers 3 phase synchronous motors in 4 main lines. All of the lines are available as self cooling with an attached fan module. These synchronous motors are used in the in the packaging, plastic, metals, food and beverage industries as well as material handling. All synchronous motors utilize NdFeB permanent magnets with a sinusoidal commutation with a resolver or EnDat encoder as the feedback unit.

  • Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH

    Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH. is a manufacturer of three-phase, synchronous-geared motors that are designed for high torque environments found in handling, robotics, and packaging applications. The company's synchronous motors feature transmission ratios of i=4 and i=8, and a compact frame size for space utilization. Other details of the motors include: low circumferential backlash (<3') and low noise levels (<65 dBa). According to the company, its DSD-IPG synchronous motor has an overload capacity that is up to 40 percent greater than comparable servomotors.

  • Johnson Electric

    Johnson Electric offers a variety of electric motors. The synchronous motors offered are designed for use in home appliances. There are two juicer motors available both 2 pole, with one designed for 120 VAC and one designed for 230 VAC. Also offered is a synchronous pumps motors for use with washing machines.

  • Crouzet Motors

    Crouzet manufactures a variety of AC synchronous micro motors for use in access control, medical equipment, pumps, valves, billboards, and water treatment equipment and systems. These syncrhonous motors are available from 0.5 to 7 watts either as reversing or single direction with torques up to 5 Nm.

  • Romanoff Industries

    Romanoff Industries distributes AC synchronous motors from manufacturers like Celestron, GE, Siemens and West. Available from 230 to 460 VAC, 2 to 4000 horsepower and from 514 to 4000 RPMs. Totallly enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC) and drip proof synchronous motors are also offered.

  • Welco

    Welco technologies manufactures permanent magnet synchronous motors. Samarium Cobalt (SmCO) rare earth magnets allow for a smaller motor designs that save weight and space. Its precise open loop speed control eliminates the need for peripheral equipment such as tachomenters. Designed for Class B use (80ºC temperature rise) by using Class H insulation (up to 180ºC).

  • Midwest Timer Service, Inc.

    MTS offers synchronous motors in electrical or mechanical biased direction systems. These are screw mount, compact synchronous motors in 115 VAC, 230 VAC or 24 VAC. Stall torques are 375 in/oz @ 1RPM for the M002, 112 in/oz @ 1RPM for the M004, and 43 in/oz @ 1RPM for the M006.

  • Island Components Group Inc

    Island Components Group offers synchronous and hysteresis motors for military and commercial applications. These motors can drive generators and provide substantial amounts of horsepower.