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Variable speed motors are usually three-phase induction motors that are used in variable frequency drives.

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  • Allen-Bradley, a Rockwell Automation Brand

    Rockwell Automation is a manufacturer of Allen-Bradley industrial variable speed motors designed for vector and inverter duty applications with constant torque capability to zero speed. Enclosed small AC motors feature 230/460/575V AC, 1200 or 1800 rpm, a variable speed range of CT1000:1, and a TENV enclosure. Standard AC motors offer 230/460V AC, 850 - 3550 rpm, variable speed ranges of CT1000:1, and IP23, IP44 environment ratings.

  • Bodine Electric Company

    Bodine Electric Co is a designer and manufacturer of a variety of industrial variable speed electric motors including AC inverter duty motors and parallel shaft AC inverter variable speed gearmotors. The Pacesetter 34R Inverter Duty AC Motor comes with either 230 VAC, 60Hz, 3-phase, or 230/460 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase winding options. Model 2295 3-phase inverter duty, non-synchronous motors offer 1700 rpm, 148 oz-in torque, 1/4 hp, and 230 VAC.

  • MET Motors

    MET Motors is a manufacturer of 3.2", 3.6" and 6" diameter permanent magnet variable speed DC motors for OEM customers worldwide. The Series 32 features 1/50 HP continuous operation to 1/2 HP intermittent duty ratings, speeds from 500 RPM to 10,000 RPM, and voltages from 6 to 230 VDC.

  • DynaMotors

    DynaMotors is a manufacturer of high performance variable speed motors with high torque and reversible direction from 1/4 to 2 HP. Models are available in speed ranges from 200-1200 rpm (8 pole), 400-2400 rpm (4 pole) and 800-4800 rpm (2 pole). Variable speed electric motor designs up to 15,000 rpm can also be delivered.

  • Wolters Motors & Drives

    Wolters Motors a& Drives offers a variety of AC & DC motors including a full line fo variable speed AC motors in a variety of sizes from manufacturers including WEB, Leeson Motors and A.O. Smith. Leeson ODP Rigid Base Automatic Overload Motors are available in 3 - 5 hp, three phase, 1760 rpm, 8.4 A and 13.2 A, ODP, in 182T or 184T frame sizes.

  • Automation Direct

    AutomationDirect offers VFD's (variable frequency drives) from 1/4 hp to 100 hp. GS1 Series Mini AC Drives feature 1/4 and 1/2 hp, 115 VAC single phase VFD; 1/4, 1/2 and 1 hp, 230 VAC single phase VFD / 3-phase VFD; and a 2 hp, 230 VAC 3 phase VFD.

  • Powertec

    Powertec Industrial motors offers a wide selection of versatile brushless DC motors including variable speed motors. These DC brushless motors use permanent magnets made ofceramic ferrite bonded to the rotor to produce the magnetic field. TENV motors have high horsepower in relation to a small frame size with a range from 0.25 HP in a NEMA 42 frame to 100 HP in a NEMA 320 frame. DPFG motors also have high horsepower in relation to small frame size with a range of 5 HP in a NEMA 180 frame to 300 HP in a NEMA 320 frame.

  • WonderMotor

    Wondermotor is a distributor of a wide array of motion control components including variable speed motors from a variety of manufacturers. Offerings include 115v / 230v variable speed gear motors, 115v variable speed brushless motors ECM (electronically commutated), 12v / 24v variable speed brushless motors, and 115v variable speed PMDC motors.

  • Eastland Industries Inc

    Eastland Industries is a manufacturer of low voltage motors including variable speed motors in a variety of speed rangines including 3600, 1800, 1200, 900, 720, 600 RPM. Model designs include open ODP, TEFC, severe duty, explosion proof and blower cooled. Medium voltage motors come with up to 25,000 hp and are suitable for variable frequency drive applications.

  • Sinotech Corp.

    Sinotech is a manufacturer of AC motors including a full line of variable speed AC motors in a variety of sizes. Two-winding AC motors from Sinotech have two separate windings that can be wound for any number of poles so that other speed ratios can be obtained. However, ratios greater than 4:1 are impractical because of ac motor size and weight.

  • CS Unitec Inc

    CS Unitec manufactures a variety of tube rolling motors, drills and drive units including a full line of variable speed motors featuring high-torque output, safety slip clutch and two or four-geared drills for optimum speed selection. These motors are ideal for tube rolling, milling, bar boring and other drilling applications.

  • MSC Industrial Supply Co.

    MSC Industrial Supply co is a distributor of a variety of industrial electric motors including AC/DC variable speed motors from manufacturers like Baldor, Bison and US motors and various thermal protection ratings for applications such as hazardous locations, HVAC, special applications and more.

  • Meco Motors

    Meco Motors is a motor distributor offering a variety of variable speed motors from manufacturers including AO Smith, Baldor, GE Energy, Genteq, Leeson, Marathon Electric and US Motors.  These motors serve many industries such as light to heavy manufacturing, repair shops, local businesses or national OEMs.