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Vertical motors typically feature footless P-based mounts, and they are commonly used in pump-driving applications.

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  • Horner Industrial Services, Inc.

    Horner Industrial Services, Inc. offers high thrust/vertical 3-phase (P-base) motors in the following configurations: TEFC, standard efficient, premium efficient/inverter duty, international duty, and energy efficient. Vertical Holloshaft high-thrust TEFC motors feature chemical/corrosion resistant paint, Class F insulation, stainless steel nameplates, and applications for: propeller, mix flow, and turbine pumps. These motors have horsepower ratings ranging from 5 to 125 HP, wpeeds ranging from 1800 to 3600 RPM, voltages up to 460V, and 50 Hertz operations. Horner Industrial services also supplies WPI standard efficient vertical motors.

  • Koffler

    Koffler offers vertical motors in the following models: HO50V2BLG, HO400V2SLH, HO200V2SLH, HO15V2BLE, and HO100V2SLG. These motors feature class F insulations, premium efficient designs, corrosion-resistant paint, and mix flow, propeller, or turbine pump applications. They have horsepower ratings ranging from 15 to 450 HP, speeds up to 1800 RPM, voltage ratings ranging from 230 to 460V, and down thrust ratings ranging from 3300 to 9500 lbs.

  • Piela Electric, Inc.

    Piela Electric, Inc. offers GE 3-phase vertical motors in the following models: V3108, V3109, V3157, V3139, and V3107. Model V3108 motors feature P-base vertical mounts, non-reverse/ball style ratchets, weather protection, and Value Line hollow vertical shafts. These motors come in 2-6 poles, frame sizes ranging from 213 to 449, A/B NEMA designs, and a Class F insulated design. They can handle horsepower ratings up to 300 HP, voltages up to 460V, frequencies up to 60 Hz, and ambient operating temperatures up to 40°C.

  • Gainesville Industrial Electric

    Gainesville Industrial Electric offers vertical solid shaft, vertical hollow shaft, and GE pump motors. Vertical solid shaft motors feature a cast-iron construction, Class F insulation, ambient operating temperatures up to 40°C, and normal/standard high thrust options. These motors have nominal efficiency ratings ranging from 87.5 to 93.6, full load amperes ranging from 7.8/3.9 to 98.8/49.4 Apms, and voltages up to 460 Volts.

  • GE Energy

    GE Energy offers vertically mounted AC induction, hollow shaft vertical, custom vertical, and 8200-8900 frame vertical motors. ValueLine vertical hollow shaft motors feature WPI enclosures, conduit boxes with ground terminals, cast aluminum rotors, cast-iron end-shields/frames, and a 3-phase motor design. These motors can handle speeds ranging from 3600 to 1200 @ 60 Hz, horsepower ratings ranging from 5 to 300 HP, and voltages up to 460V. They have deep-well pump applications.

  • ESR Motors

    ESR Motors offers vertical solid and hollow shaft motors for the following applications: industrial, waste-water, turf, agricultural, propeller pumps, mix flow pumps, turbine pumps, in-line pumps, centrifugal pumps, booster pumps, etc. Electric vertical hollow shaft motors feature WPI/TEFC enclosures, 60 Hz cycles, single-three phases, and a cast-iron construction. These motors can handle voltages ranging from 115 to 575V and horsepower ratings ranging from 3 to 600 HP.

  • Global Industrial

    Global Industrial offers US Motors vertical 3-phase motors. These motors feature horsepower ratings ranging from 2 to 600 HP, speeds ranging from 1735 to 1785 RPM, and voltages up to 460V. They are energy efficient and TEFC/WPI designed.

  • E & I Sales Co

    E & I Sales Co. offers AC vertical motors in a variety of configurations. These motors can handle horsepower ratings ranging from 15 to 1250 HP and speeds ranging from 3600 to 900 RPM.

  • Toshiba

    Toshiba offers definite purpose vertical motors for material processing and petrochemical applications. These motors feature an all cast iron construction, they meet API 610 specifications, and are available in premium/standard efficiencies. They have horsepower ratings ranging from 3 to 400 HP, speeds ranging from 3600 to 1200 RPM, voltages up to 575V, and thrust ratings up to 1750 lbs.

  • Baldor

    Baldor offers P-base vertical solid shaft pump motors for a wide range of applications, including: medium/high thrust in-line pumps, swimming pool pumps, water treatment plants, etc. These motors feature horsepower ranges from 1/3 to 75 HP.

  • Pro Dyne Corp.

    Pro Dyne Corp. offers vertical end suction motors. These motors feature floor mounting plates, a space-saving design, and a seal-less configuration.