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Waterproof motors are used in applications where relative humidity is over 90%.

Waterproof motors are used in applications where relative humidity is over 90%.

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  • Baldor

    Baldor has a suite of waterproof motors in a variety of speeds ranging from 1 to 100hp. All Baldor waterproof motors are constructed in cast iron, with 416 stainless steel shafts and dual carbon ceramic mechanical seals. Their waterproof motors have dual moisture sensors and submersible motors for wet/dry pit projects, and continuous operation in water, sewage and slurry. Baldor waterproof motors are explosion proof, Division 1, Group C/D and T3C.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger has a range of 3-phase waterproof motors that are completely enclosed and fan-cooled, with double sealed ball bearings and an oversized stainless steel sidebox. Grainger waterproof motors are UL recognized (E57948), CSA certified (LR33543), USDA approved and complies with BISSC, 2A Dairy Standard and NEMA Definition MG1-1.26.5 standards.

  • Oriental Motor U.S.A. Corp.

    Oriental Motors FPW series motors are waterproof, dust-resistant AC Induction Motors that meet IEC standard IP67 and are ideal for splash-intensive applications. The FPW motors feature anti-corrosive coating and oil shield protection to act as a barrier on the stainless steel shaft. There are over 20 gear ratios from 3:1 to 180:1 available. Waterproof motors are offered in 25 W (1/30 HP), 40 W (1/19 HP), 60 W (1/12 HP) and 90 W (1/8 HP) models.

  • Franklin Electric Co., Inc.

    Franklin has two styles of 4-inch waterproof motors, super stainless and high thrust. Super stainless and high-thrust motors are available in single and three-phase voltages, frequencies and system-specific models. Both waterproof motors are suitable for groundwater systems, agricultural use, small- and mid-range industrial systems, car washes and coalbed methane recovery systems. Four inch stainless motors feature HP ranges of 0.3 - 1.5, 0.5 - 1.5, 0.3 - 3, and 0.5 - 3 HP, and KW ranges of 0.25 - 1.1, 0.37 - 1.1, 0.25 - 2.2, and 0.37 - 2.2 KW.

  • JVL USA/Motion Control Sales Ltd.

    JVL has a variety of MAC141 motors in waterproof and water-resistant IP67 models. All of the three models have teflon sealing, built-in planetary gears and have double shaft seals and leak-proof cable entries. Integrated servo motors in stainless steel IP67 feature 0.48/1.59 Nm RMS/peak, 134 W and up to 2700 RPM. MAC141 motors are designed for food processing, bakery/beverage machinery, pharmaceutical wash downs and chemical processing industries.

  • Alstra Industries

    Alstra Industries have a range of submersible motors in both oil and water-filled styles. Oil-filled motors are available in 1200 or 1800 nominal RPM, 460 V, 2300 V, or 4160 V, and 75 hp to 200 hp (12" motors), 150 hp to 300 hp (14" motors), and 250 hp to 600 hp (16" motors). . The water-filled motors are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 12 inches from 0.5 to 400 hp. Alstra can fabricate custom oil-filled waterproof motors between 50 and 150 hp, and both oil and water-filled motors are available in custom voltages.

  • Koffler

    Koffler has a wide range of Leeson Washguard motors, from one to three phases. Many of Leeson's TEFC and TENV motors feature 0:1 ratio for constant or variable torque at 1.0 SF. Waterproof motors are available in all stainless or white epoxy/rigid base systems, and many feature their patented, moisture shedding Duck system.

  • Submersible Motor Engineering USA

    SME-USA design, fabricate and distribute submersible electric motors for deep-well submersible pumps, SUBSEA and ROV electric motors, and sump pump motors. SUBSEA motors vary from 1kW to 600kW, 400 V to 4160 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, and 2 pole or 4 pole. Submersibles are available in 50 Hz of 60 Hz, and a variety of sizes from 6" to 14". If the available waterproof motors do not fit your needs, SME-USA can custom make you special purpose waterproof pumps.

  • Kollmorgen Corp.

    Kollmorgen offers three types of washdown motors (waterproof, food grade). Their STF model are permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motors that adhere to NEMA standards, and come in 90 or 180 VDC, from 1/4 to 2 HP. Their AKM model are available in frame sizes 2 through 6, and feature static torques from 1 to 25 N-m.

  • Arc Systems, Inc.

    Arc Systems have a range of custom waterproof motors for commercial aircraft, ground support, aviation, cargo handling and standard commercial use. ARC's 400Hz AC motors are designed to military aviation standards, so they're suitable for both military and commercial aircraft, and are resistant to extreme temperatures, heavy moisture, high altitudes, vibration and shock. All Arc waterproof motors feature redundant shaft seals, O rings, hermetic cable feeds and a moisture-resistant epoxy coating the motor shell.

  • Major Turbine

    Major Turbine has two styles of six-inch submersible motors, the Super 6 and the Volt-X. The Super 6 is available in 5 to 6-HP, and has Kingsbury thrust bearings, a sand fighter slinger, stainless shaft and a sealed windings. Volt-X has a dual voltage system is designed for operation at 230 or 460 volts, three-phase, 60 Hz. They feature a waterproof seal for easy removal and service.

  • F & Q Pumps, Inc.

    F&Q have cast iron submersible motors with 420 stainless steel shafts, F-Class or H-Class (185f) insulation, moisture sensor probe and thermal protectors standard on all models. The 140TY model offers output power of 1 HP, 1.5 HP, 2 HP or 3 HP. The 180TY offers 5 HP or 7.5 HP. The 210TY features 10 HP or 15 HP. All three waterproof motors can reach speeds of 1800 RPM.

  • Hitachi America Ltd.

    Hitachi America have watertight, insulated, wire-type submersible motors, for use with irrigation systems and municipal water services. Available motors feature a maximum downthrust of 10,000 lbs. 6" waterproof motors come in 5-30 HP or 40-60 HP. Other motors sizes available include 8", 10", 12" and 14".