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Belts are looped strips of flexible material used to link two or more rotating wheels in a mechanical drive system.

A belt is a loop made from flexible material, looped over pulleys, used to link two or more rotating shafts. Belts are the cheapest utility for power transmission between shafts, and function whether or not they are axially aligned. They also offer efficiency around 95%, run smoothly and quietly, and have a high tolerance for misalignment. Different types include flat, round, V, multi-grooved, ribbed, film, and timing belts. The belts themselves are generally constructed from rubber and sometimes leather. Leading manufacturers: Gates, HBD Industries, Carlisle Power Transmission, Dayco, Grainger, Power Transmission Engineering.

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  • JJC & Associates

    JJC Associates, Inc. is a manufacturer of timing belts. Sizes include .80" (MXL), .200" (XL), .375" (L), .0816" (40DP), 2.5mm (T2.5), 5mm (T5), 10mm (T10); Available materials include neoprene fiberglass, neoprene kevlar, urethane polyesther, urethane kevlar and urethane steel. Other belting products include flat, round, mylar film, stretch, poly V, special cover and perforated.

  • B & B Manufacturing

    B&B Manufacturing is a manufacturer of timing belts including single or double sided, inch and metric width in neoprene, polyurethane, fiberglass and steel reinforcement.

  • BEHA Belt

    BEHA Belt is a manufacturer of polyurethane and polyester profile belts including V, round, ridge top V, parallel V, coated V, special and tailored belts.

  • Belcon Engineers Pvt. Ltd..

    Belcon Engineers is a manufacturer of conveyor belts including timing, polyurethane, poly V, PU conveyor, nylon flat, variable speed, rubber feeder, coated timing, caterpillar, rubber conveyor, V belts and wedge belts.

  • Belt Corporation of America, Inc.

    Belt Corp. manufactures a variety of conveyor belts including specialty endless flat, silicone coated, precision timing, woven endless flat, European-style knitted endless, high performance profile and timing belts.  Applications include specific drive paper feed, packaging handling and any light conveying need.

  • Bestorq, Inc.

    Bestorq is a manufacturer of power transmission belting including all regular V-belts, metric sizes, V-ribbed and banded V-belts.

  • Bowman Hollis Mfg., Inc.

    Bowman Hollis is a manufacturer of industrial belts including conveyor, food, folder, flat power transmission, high temperature and metal.

  • BRECOflex Co., LLC

    Brecoflex is a manufacturer of several different types of timing belts, in more than 100 different tooth profiles.

  • Carlisle Power Transmission Products

    Carlisle Power Transmission Products is a manufacturer of conveyor belts including V, synchronous, V-ribbed, variable speed and snowmobile belts.

  • Dura-Belt, Inc.

    DuraBelt is a manufacturer of urethane belting for power transmission and conveyor belts.  Types include ring, lineshaft, twisted, power roller, long life, orange, rough green, V, link V, flat, hollow, fin, double twisted, oval and postal auger.

  • Fenner Precision

    Fenner Precision is a manufacturer of timing belts, multi-V, specialty and flat belts.

  • F.N. Sheppard & Co.

    FN Sheppard is a manufacturer of specialty belting products including neoprene and urethane timing belts, transmission belts, conveyor belts, custom belts and timing pulleys.

  • Forbo Siegling

    Forbo Moving Systems is a manufacturer of conveyor, flat, modular and timing belts made of synthetic materials. 

  • Gates Corporation

    Gates is a manufacturer of conveyor belts including synchronous, snowmobile and V belts.

  • Goodyear

    Goodyear is a manufacturer of heavyweight conveyor belts including above ground, pipe, steel cord and underground belts.

  • Habasit America

    Habasit America is a manufacturer of power transmission, conveyor and processing belts. Habasit belts are designed for use in systems such as standard, food, tobacco, high duty, non-woven, crosslapper, high temperature, solid-woven, modular, positive drive, folder-glue, seamless, extruded, round and speciality belts.

  • Helicord

    Helicord is a manufacturer of automotive and industrial conveyor belts including synchro-drive timing, poly V and raw edge.

  • Huco Dynatork

    Huco Dynatork is a manufacturer of conveyor belts including timing, wedge, polyurethane and V belts.

  • Jason Industrial, Inc.

    Jason Industrial, Inc. manufactures power transmission and urethane power transmission belts.  Products include neoprene synchronous, standard V, high horsepower synchronous, uniflex, open end, adjustable V, multi-rib V, banded V and polyurethane timing belts.

  • Maryland Metrics

    MD Metrics offers 11 different timing belts made from Neoprene reinforced fiberglass.  MD Metrics belts are available in metric and US profiles and are available in trapezoidal,  European tooth forms and curvilinear, and include AT5, AT10, HTD3, HTD5, HTD8, MXL, XL, L, T2.5, T5, T10.