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  • F.N. Sheppard & Co.

    FN Sheppard offers thermoplastic flat, round, V, and flat conveyor belts. Flat conveyor belts are USDA/FDA approved, and they are constructed from the following materials: Teflon, woven endless, hi-temperature, synthetic, ruff-top, PVC, urethane, thermoplastic, etc. These belts can be perforated to any shape, size, or pattern, and they range in size from K6 to K30. They are available in a variety of configurations, including: turn, V-guide, side wall, cleat, side guide, hole perforated, finger spliced, skive spliced, etc.

  • SDP/SI

    SDP/SI offers metric and inch flat belts. Inch flat belts are constructed from neoprene/polyester materials, and they are capable of speeds of up to 20000 FPM. These belts come in lengths ranging from 5.12" to 19.69", 1/4" widths/pulley diameters, and 0.018" thicknesses.

  • Bowman Hollis Mfg., Inc.

    Bowman Hollis Mfg., Inc. offers flat power transmission belts in nearly 50 configurations for the following applications: general/tangential drives, slip/cross drives, paper machines, chippers, general drives, live rollers, etc. These belts have horsepower ratings ranging from fractional to over 1,000 HP, admissable strengths ranging from 17" to 513.9", and a carcass constructed from aramide, polyester, or nylon materials. They come in thicknesses ranging from 0.055" to 0.27", widths ranging from 12" to 47", and minimum pulley ratings ranging from 0.6" to 13.4".

  • Belt Corporation of America, Inc.

    Belt Corporation of America, Inc. (BCA) offers specialty endless flat belts in the following configurations: silicone/silicone-glass, hytrel, metal, feed, unsupported stretch, and endless precision drive. Unsupported stretch belts are resistant to oxidation/ozone, abrasion resistant, high in coefficient of friction, anti-static, and operable without idlers/take-ups. Feed belts are mandrel-wrapped, they feature a woven endless construction, uniform thicknesses, and a natural rubber covering. BCA's manufacturing capabilities include: vulcanizing/slitting, grinding, pumching, ultrasonically welding, wrapping, molding, etc.

  • Dura-Belt, Inc.

    Dura-Belt, Inc. offers flat belts for heavy load moving applications. These flat belts come in durometer sizes ranging from 83A to 95A, lengths from 3.5" and up, thicknesses ranging from 0.031" to 0.313", and widths up to 12". They are available in orange, black, and clear colors.

  • Fenner Precision

    Fenner Precision offers stable fabric reinforced, stable yarn reinforced, semi-stretch fabric reinforced, and unsupported elastic flat belts for a wide range of conveying/power transmission applications, including: copiers, power tools, business machines, bill validators, ATM's, etc. Stable fabric reinforced flat belts are constructed from silicone/chloroprene rubber materials, and they are reinforced with the following fabric weaves: cotton/polyester, Nomex, cotton, polyester, nylon, Kevlar, glass, etc.

  • BRECOflex Co., LLC

    BRECOflex Co., LLC offers Esband homogenous and endless flat belts, constructed without splices or joints, for special power transmission, conveying, and high performance driving applications. These belts are capable of speeds up to 150 m/s, long service lives, excellent shock absorptions, and overload protection operations. They are highly efficient, dynamic, quiet running, and flexible.

  • Forbo Siegling

    Forbo Moving Systems offers high-efficiency flat belts for power transmission applications involving traction drives. These belts feature excellent damping properties, a stiff configuration, high elastic modulus ratings, high wear-resistance, and a flexible/thin design. They are capable of short take-up ranges, constant RPMs, low power requirements, gentle bearing treatment, and vibration-free operations.

  • Polytech Design Inc

    Polytech Design, Inc. offers endless/open end flat belts for exercise equipment, fitness equipment, and linear drive applications. These belts come in widths ranging from 10 to 100mm, traction loads ranging from 590 to 32,800N, breaking strength ratings ranging from 2,375 to 124,640N, and belt width tolerances up to +/-0.5.