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  • Belt Corporation of America, Inc.

    Belt Corporation of America supplies supported and unsupported timing belts for specific drive paper feed, packaging handling, and light conveying. Their precision timing belts come in neoprene, molded urethane and welded urethane. All are available in standard or metric pitch.

  • BRECOflex Co., LLC

    BRECOflex offers over 100 different tooth profiles in their belt line. Some of the most common are their standard timing belts for conveying and moderate power transmission applications, their high strength timing belts for power transmission and positioning applications, and their highest strength timing belts for demanding power transmission applications.

  • Gates Corporation

    Gates offers a broad range of synchronous urethane timing belts. Choose from various tooth pitches, backings and custom fabrications. Types of timing belts include linear, wide, self tracking, food grade, flat, truly endless, profiled, and Gates Industrial PT design.

  • F.N. Sheppard & Co.

    F.N. Sheppard offers a diverse line of timing belts that include base, urethane and neoprene timing, urethane flex and silicone belts, timing pulleys and clamps. Urethane and neoprene belts come in inch and metric sizes, and in molded endless, welded endless, open ended, and extra wide configurations.

  • Reid Supply Company

    Reid Supply offers a large selection of extra light, light and heavy timing belts. There are over 200 of both extra light and light timing belt configurations to choose from with various pitch lengths, number of teeth, widths, and materials of construction. There are over 500 heavy timing belt configurations to choose from.

  • Polytech Design Inc

    Polytech offers urethane timing belts in open end belt rolls, joined/spliced/welded endless, flex, truly endless, self-tracking with V-guides, and belts with covers and backings. Other products include pulleys, bar stock, flanges, clamping plates, and urethane flat and multi-rib belts.

  • Huco Dynatork

    Huco Dynatork offers a full line of timing belts. Types include those with a less common profile (often supplied for replacement), HTD timing belts that provide synchronous, slip-free power transmission with minimum friction, and polyurethane belts for applications that require alternative materials. Huco Dynatork also supplies pulleys for each of their belt types.

  • B & B Manufacturing

    B&B Manufacturing serves distributors and OEM after-market companies with timing belts. Types include trapezoidal, curvilinear, modified curvilinear, metric trapezoidal, and high and low temperature timing belts for extreme applications. Special backings for the packaging and conveyor industries are also offered.

  • Forbo Siegling

    Forbo Movement Systems offers Siegling Proposition timing belts in all common pitches, various coating materials, belt widths, and in open or welded endless configurations.

  • JJC & Associates

    JJC & Associates offers various types of timing belts, including Neoprene fiberglass in pitches of MXL, XL and L, urethane polyester or Kevlar in MXL, 40DP and XL pitches, and urethane steel timing belts in pitches of T2.5, T5 and T10. Other types of belts and timing pulleys are also available.

  • Maryland Metrics

    Maryland Metrics is a supplier of Econobelt timing belts in nearly a dozen different metric and standard profiles. These belts are made of fiberglass reinforced Neoprene and are available in trapezoidal, curvilinear and European tooth forms.

  • Michigan Industrial Belting Inc

    Michigan Industrial Belting offers Neoprene and polyurethane timing belts, as well as dual sided Neoprene and double sided polyurethane designs. Variable speed and poly V-belts are also available.

  • Thermoid/HBD Industries

    Thermoid/HBD Industries makes power transmission timing belts in trapezoidal, curvilinear and HTD profiles. Their polyurethane (metric) timing belts are economical and offer rugged performance. Their Grip-Tite line function like timing chains or gears on machines that have extremes in service requirements.

  • Fenner Precision

    Fenner Precision develops and manufactures a full line of customized and standard timing belts. Polyurethane timing belts come in a full line of curvilinear (FHT, HTD) and T trapezoidal (MXL, XL, T-pitch) belts). Trapezoidal belts come in MXL, XL, T2.5 and T5.0 profiles.

  • Belcon Engineers Pvt. Ltd..

    Belcon offers classical timing belts in eight different pitches, including MXL, XXL, XL, L, HL, H, XH and XXH. Their RPP timing belts have thicker teeth that allow an appreciable increase in power transmission. Pitches available are RPP3, RPP5, RPP8 and RPP14.

  • Helicord

    Helicord offers industrial synchronous timing belts for power transmission. Profiles available include 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M, MXL, XL, L and H. Their range of industrial synchro-drive timing belts is continually being expanded.

  • Bestorq, Inc.

    Bestorq is a supplier of metric and standard size timing belts in MXL, XL, L, H, 3M, 5M, 8M and 14M profiles.

  • Optibelt Corp.

    Optibelt offers ALPHAflex polyurethane timing belts in T5, T10, AT5, AT10 and AT20 profiles. Lengths are available from 1500 to 12,000 mm.

  • Bervina Ltd.

    Bervina manufactures timing belts in many types, including truly endless PU/FDA PU in sizes 150mm to 1500mm; VFFS with seamless silicone, linatex and rubber cover; vacuum shapes; and custom designs. Belting cord options include kevlar, stainless steel wire and polyester.