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  • Belt Corporation of America, Inc.

    Belt Corporation of America, Inc. offers a variety of urethane timing belts, including: welded, standard pitch, and metric pitch urethane timing belts. Welded urethane timing belts come in standard and metric pitch configurations, and they have applications for linear motion, positioning, synchronized conveying, and high load applications. Features include: additional integral backing up to 2 mm, a range of weld-on profiles, ultraviolet light/moisture/grease/oil/gas resistant, etc. Standard and metric pitch belts are constructed from polyurethane materials reinforced with steel tensile cords. Standard pitch belts range pitch size from 0.080 to 0.500. Metric pitch belts range in pitch length from 2 mm to 10 mm.

  • Jason Industrial, Inc.

    Jason Industrial, Inc. offers a variety of urethane timing belts, including: VAR, standard, metric, and dual sided. VAR belts com in a variety of colors, they have diameters ranging from 1/8" to 1/2", and top widths ranging from 10 to 40 mm. Standard timing belts range in size from 6" x 0.25" to 42" x 0.50", they have a urethane steel construction, and are stretch/flake resistant. Metric timing belts are available in 50 and 10 mm pitch, a maximum width of 300 mm, and are oil/heat/abrasion resistant. Dual sided belts have a minimum pitch length of 20"-36", and they are resistant to: moisture, oils, ozone, UV light, and hydrolysis.

  • Polytech Design Inc

    Polytech Design, Inc. offers a variety of belt products, including: self-tracking, open end, joined/spliced/welded endless, integrated fabric cover, and flex/truly endless. Self-tracking belts are coupled with a specially designed urethane V-guide, and they can be made to any length/teeth configurations. Open end belts work well for linear drive applications. Joined/spliced/welded endless belts can be welded to virtually any length. Integrated fabric cover belts are constructed with green nylon fabric on tooth, on back or both sides of the belt. Flex/truly endless belts are ideal for high-powered appplications, and they have twice the tensile strength of a joined belt. All belts are available with additional backing and cord options, including: Kevlar, T-cover, PAZ, PAR, PAS-PAR, stainless steel, black urethane, food grade, high flex, etc.

  • BRECOflex Co., LLC

    BRECOflex Co., LLC offers a variety of belts, including: T series, Self-Tracking Series, Flat Belt Series, Double Sided Series, and AT Series. T Series belts have pitch sizes ranging from 2 to 20 mm, belt widths up to 150 mm, and a flexible back for bending applications. Self-tracking timing belts are constructed with a center guide, and come in open ended, spliced/welded, and truly endless configurations. Flat Belts are constructed of polyurethane and are steel reinforced for conveying applications. Double-sided belts transmit power on both sides and are available in an open ended construction. AT-Series high strength timing belts have uses for power transmission/high accuracy positioning applications. Other belts offered by BRECOflex include: T-Series, AT-Series, Double-Sided Series, HTD-Series, etc.

  • JJC & Associates

    JJC & Associates offers urethane polyester and urethane steel timing belts. Urethane polyester belts range in pitch size from 0.080" to 0.200". Urethane steel belts range from 2.5 mm to 10 mm in pitch size. Belts range in number of teeth from 24 to 1500.

  • Fenner Precision

    Fenner Precision offers offers polyurethane timing belts in a variety of configurations, including: precision high torque, T trapezoidal, and curvilinear. Features include: increased torque, low backlash, long life, low noise/vibration, smooth drive, multiple tooth profiles, etc.

  • B & B Manufacturing

    B & B Manufacturing offers polyurethane timing belts. Available belt configurations includes: high/low temperature, special backing, trapezoidal timing, curvilinear, modified curvilinear, etc. Other materials offered include: neoprene, fiberglass, Kevlar, and steel reinforced.

  • Michigan Industrial Belting Inc

    Michigan Industrial Belting, Inc. offers single and double sided polyurethane timing belts. Belts provide a lightweight drive system when used in conjunction with aluminum or plastic pulleys. Applications include: ozone resistant, high oil resistant, appliance, office machine, etc. Belts are made of non-static conductive polyurethane and strong tensile steel.

  • Optibelt Corp.

    Optibelt Corp. offers polyurethane timing belts in a variety of configurations, including: high performance, endless, Optibelt, manufactured endless, open-ended, food industry, flat extruded, welded endless, track timing, refined, etc. Belts come in sizes up to 2,250 mm.