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A clutch is a device that provides driving force to another mechanism by connecting the driven mechanism to the driving mechanism.

A clutch is a rotating mechanical device that provides driving force to another mechanism as required. The clutch has two rotating shafts: the driving member shaft is attached to the motor or other power unit, while the driven member shaft provides output power. When the driven member is fixed to the mechanism’s frame, it functions as a brake. There are several types of clutches, including multiple plate clutches and vehicular clutches. The former features several driving members interleaved with corresponding driven members, for use in race cars, automatic transmissions, motorcycles, and some diesel locomotives. Vehicular clutches feature one or more friction discs that are pressed tightly together or against a flywheel using springs, for use in manual transmissions, air conditioning compressors, and engine cooling fans. Other types include cone clutches, slip clutches, and overrunning clutches. Leading manufacturers: Machine Components Corporation, Carlyle Johnson Clutches and Brakes, Magna Core Clutches & Brakes, Grainger, The Rowland Company.

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  • Lenze Americas

    Lenze AC Tech offers a selection of Magneta and Intorq intelligent electromagnetic spring loaded brakes and clutch systems; with the Magneta models featuring hollow shaft mountability for use with DC power and the Intorq models offering two years of service life.

  • Mayr

    Mayr offers overload, safety, and slip clutches as well as safety brakes for emergency stops, and electromagnetic clutches and brakes featuring low wear, a compact construction, and high torque capacity.

  • Carlyle Johnson Machine Co

    The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company makes electrical, mechanical, and air/hydraulic clutches and brakes, including multiple disc models with overload release and torque limiters.

  • Camco-Ferguson, Industrial Motion Control, LLC.

    Camco Ferguson offers output overload clutches to protect indexing equipment, and are easy-mountable to IMC index drives, have overload detector plates, single position reset, and more as well as shrink-disk clutches, Rite-Torq clutches, and input overload clutches.

  • The Hilliard Corp.

    Hilliard offers intermittent motion clutches, torque limiting clutches, drivetrain clutches, and industrial overrunning clutches as well as spring applied electric brakes, rail/disk brakes, and more.

  • Inertia Dynamics, LLC

    Inertia Dynamics makes several types of clutches including electromagnetic types, wrap spring, and clutch controls as well as brakes such as electromagnetic types, motor brakes, spring applied brakes, and wrap spring brakes.

  • Reell Precision Mfg. Corp.

    Reell makes standard long life electric wrap spring clutches for intermittent motion applications, in sizes and load capacity up to 75lb/in (8.5 N-m) total load and can be custom manufactured to bi-directional specifications, coming in 12 and 24VDC models.

  • Servo Systems Co.

    Servo Systems offers Electroid brakes, featuring fast response time and zero backlash, is a permanent magnet brake, has high torque output, offers high speeds and low inertia, come with dual preloaded sealed bearings, and is IP65 rated for splashproof and dust proof protection.

  • Carlisle

    Carlisle makes several types of products including park, service, emergency, full circle, and hydrostatic motor brakes for industrial vehicles.

  • POLYCLUTCH, Div. of A&A Manufacturing Co., Inc

    Polyclutch makes slip clutches, including mechanical and pneumatic models for overload, torque, and tension appliations. They also make brakes and other products for continuous or intermittent slip applications including torque control, indexing, and soft starts and cushioned stops.

  • Danaher Motion

    Danaher Motion makes wrap spring clutches and brakes which feature low power consumption, high torque capacity per unit size from 25-5,000 pounds/inch, and speeds up to 1750rpm as well as friction clutches and brakes.

  • High Precision, Inc.

    High Precision Inc makes one way and over-running mini-clutches that can be shaft fastened via key-way, set-screw, and press fit, and are available with roller bearing support on both or one side, and with or without shafting.

  • Nexen Group, Inc.

    Nexen makes driven shaft mounted (straight bore, double piston/single piston), metric IEC flange mounted (open/enclosed, with optional input shaft and feet), and NEMA flange mounted clutch-brakes.

  • Machine Components Corp.

    Machine Components Corporation makes drag brakes, solenoid operated clutch brakes, electro-magnetic spring clutches, and constant torque slip clutches such as miniature gear types, toothed pulley types, and O-ring pulley types.

  • Helander Products, Inc.

    Helander makes spring clutches, including overrunning, and on-off single/fractional revolution models, magnetic clutches, and roller clutches coming in overrunning assemblies or just the clutch.

  • Tolomatic, Inc.

    Tolomatic makes caliper disc brakes including pneumatic models, hydraulic models, mechanical models, and spring applied models as well as disc cone clutches.