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  • Suco Technologies Inc

    Suco Technologies manufactures pressure monitoring and transmission components including a full line of centrifugal clutches. Types include self increasing clutch with two flyweights, ping guided clutches with three flyweights, ping guided clutches with two flyweights, asymmetric pivot clutches with three flyweights as well as centrifugal brakes for a wide range of braking applications.

  • North American Clutch Corp

    North American Clutch Corp manufactures a variety of centrifugal clutches in horsepowers from 1-3 up to 18-50. Clutches are designed for no-load, safe, quiet starting of power equipment. NORAM clutches reduce vibration, and provide overload protection for operator and equipment safety.

  • BLM Automatic Clutch

    BLM Centrifugal Solutions manufacturers "C" flange soft start clutches. These centrifugal clutches are designed for use between motors and reducers and provide soft starts and overload protection for rugged gear motor applications. HP range of 1/4 up to 10.

  • The Hilliard Corp.

    Hilliard Corp designs and manufacturers motion control products including a full line of centrifugal clutches. The Hillard Twiflex centrifugal clutch provides automatic cushioned engagement over a range of speeds on high-inertia loads. Starting current surge is smoothed out and reduced. This clutch is idea for fan drives, speed limiters and conveyor drives. Hilliard Corp also offers extreme duty and linkless centrifual clutches.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply is a power transmission parts supplier that offers a wide selection of brakes, motors and clutches including centrifugal clutches from manufacturers including Warner Electric and Dayton.

  • Boston Gear

    Boston Gear is a manufacturer of motion control supplies including centrifugal clutch products for crushers, fans, pumps, mixers, back-up generators and a variety of other brake type applications. Boston Gear centrifugal clutches are custom fit to specific applications.

  • TB Wood's Incorporated

    TB Wood's Inc. manufactures the NLS series centrifugal clutch for applications in a variety of transmission applications. NLS clutches reduce motor acceleration time and power requirements and provide no-load start, shock absorption and no slippage at running speed.

  • Arrow Transmission Design

    Arrow Transmission Design manufactures centrifugal clutches including low torque, high torque and straight models. ATD products are completely computer designed and provide superior heat dissipation and are easily adjusted without disassembling the clutch.

  • Max-Torque Ltd

    Max-Torque, LTD designs and manufactures centrifugal clutches for a wide array of motion control applications. These clutches provide smooth engagement, which protects the engine and drive train against shock and high initial starting stresses. In the event of an overload, the engine will be lugged down to a slower speed, which will automatically disengage the clutch.

  • Jerry's Small Engine Supply Co

    Jerry's Small Engine Supply Co supplies a large catalog full of motion control components including Noram 4000 series sprocket clutches and centrifugal clutch models from Maxtorque, Hilliard and Comet.