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  • Applied Industrial Technologies

    Applied Industrial Technologies offers finished bore and bushing type electric brakes from a variety of manufacturers, including: Dodge, Warner Electric, Altra Industrial Motion, and Stearns Division. Finished bore brakes come in a variety of styles, including: modular end mount, motor/double C-face, shaft mount, flange mount, modular unit, etc. Bore sizing ranges from 5/16" to 2 3/8" and frame sizing ranges from 56 to 400TC. Enclosures available include NEMA 1 to NEMA 7, and voltage ratings range from 6 VDC to 460 VAC. Bushing type brakes have a torque rating ranging from 34.0 lb to 95.0 ft lb and are available in a Taper-Lock® construction. Voltage ratings 24 VDC and 90 are available. Bushing brakes are available in series 1008, 1310, 1610, and 1615.

  • Rexnord Industries

    Rexnord Industries offers electrically set (power-on) brakes in a variety of configurations, including: C-face brake only modules, brake only modules with an output shaft, clutch-brake modules, and base-mounted double shafted clutch-brakes. Rexnord brakes have frame sizes ranging from 56C to 215TC NEMA, and a static torque ranging from 16 to 145 lb. ft. The maximum available RPM is 2400, and the maximum available overhung load capacity is 85 lbs.

  • The Rowland Co

    The Rowland Co. offers electric brakes for a variety of functions, including: brakes for stopping a rotational load, brakes for holding, brakes for tension control, etc. Electric brakes can transfer torques from 0 to 8,850 ft-lbs. Types of brakes offered include: zero-backlash, multiple disk high torque, protective coating high torque, wrap spring, permanent magnetic brake, etc.

  • Orttech

    Orttech offers a wide variety of electric brakes for many different applications, including: main/secondary drives of machine tools, speed change gearboxes, packing machines, textile machines, conveyor belts, printing machines, turnstiles, cranes, winches, etc. Orttech electrical brakes have torques ranging from 4 Nm to 4000 Nm, and external diameters ranging from 42 mm to 310 mm. Hub bores range in size from 8 mm to 115 mm. Available accessories include: connection boxes, rectifiers, plug-in connections, electronic load relays, power feeds, capacitors, etc.

  • Dalton Bearing Service Inc.

    Dalton Bearing Service Inc. offers Carlyle Johnson electrical brakes in single and multiple disc models. Multiple disc brakes come in a variety of configurations, including: standard multiple disc, spring set, high torque spring applied, and zero backlash electric jaw holding brakes. These multiple disc brakes are available with torque ranges from as low as 3 lb. ft. to as high as 5,000 lb. ft. Bore sizing ranges from 7/16 to 3 1/2. Single disc brakes are available in standard single disc and spring set configurations. These single disc brakes have torque ranges from 10 oz. in. to 800 lb. in. Multiple and single disc brakes have a variety of applications, including: critical military applications, winch mechanisms, aboard rescue helicopters, medical diagnostic equipment, parts handling equipment, robotic mechanisms, power generation equipment, aircraft declining equipment, indexing, etc.