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  • Dalton Bearing Service Inc.

    Dalton Bearing Service Inc. offers Carlyle Johnson electrical brakes in single and multiple disc models. Multiple disc brakes come in a variety of configurations, including: standard multiple disc, spring set, high torque spring applied, and zero backlash electric jaw holding brakes. These multiple disc brakes are available with torque ranges from as low as 3 lb. ft. to as high as 5,000 lb. ft. Bore sizing ranges from 7/16 to 3 1/2. Single disc brakes are available in standard single disc and spring set configurations. These single disc brakes have torque ranges from 10 oz. in. to 800 lb. in. Multiple and single disc brakes have a variety of applications, including: critical military applications, winch mechanisms, aboard rescue helicopters, medical diagnostic equipment, parts handling equipment, robotic mechanisms, power generation equipment, aircraft declining equipment, indexing, etc.