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  • Reell Precision Mfg. Corp.

    Reell Precision Mfg. Corp. produces electric wrap spring clutches with load capacities for motion control applications up to 75 lb-in. total load. The company's electric clutch line is suited for intermittent motion applications that require consistent timing performance over life, while the long-life electric clutches are for applications with input revolutions.

  • Applied Industrial Technologies

    Applied Industrial Technologies distributes Dodge-brand shaft-mounted electric clutches available with static torque of 34 lbf. ft. or 100 lbf. ft.

  • Rexnord Industries

    Rexnord Industries designs and manufactures electrically set clutches available as one-piece shaft mounted units or thru-shaft mounted units - with static torque ranging from 60 lb-in. to 1740 lb-in. The company also produces double shafted, base-mounted clutches and C-face clutch modules, along with clutch-brake modules.

  • The Rowland Co

    The Rowland Co. distributes electric clutches including magnetic particle and hysteresis types that can transfer torques from 0 ft.-lbs. up to 8,850 ft-lbs. The magnetic particle types use an input and output shell, while the hysteresis types utilize an inner rotor with a coil and an outer disc.

  • Orttech

    Orrtech distributes electromagnetically-actuated clutches including multi-plate electric clutches and single face electric clutches used in main and secondary drives of machine tools, speed change gearboxes, and general mechanical engineering. The company also offers electric tooth clutches for printing machines.

  • Dalton Bearing Service Inc.

    Dalton Bearing Service Inc. distributes electrical clutches manufactured by Carlyle Johnson. Clutch types include multiple disc, multiple disc spring set, zero backlash electric jaw, single disc, and multiple disc pulled/sheave.