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  • Sepac

    Sepac offers electromagnetic tooth clutches in a variety of configurations, including: Model WMTC Wall Mounted, Model STCC Stationary Field Coupling, Model SFTC Stationary Field, Model SETC Spring Engaged, and Model RFTC Rotating Field. These clutches have torque ratings ranging from 20 to 5200 lb-ft, recommended speeds ranging from 1400 to 8000 RPM, and diameters ranging from 0.500" to 10.65". Sepac also offers heavy industrial clutches, electromagnetic stationary field multiple disc clutches, electromagnetic wall mounted tooth clutches, etc.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply offers a variety of electromagnetic clutches and brakes, including: EP-250-90V, EP-1000-24V, EP-400-24V, UM50-1020-90, and UM50-1020-24. These clutches/brakes have static torques ranging from 1.25 to 240 ft-lb, shaft diameters up to 1-7/8, coil volts ranging from 24 to 90, and maximum RPMs up to 10,000. These products come in a variety of NEMA/IEC frames, and they have options for totally enclosed/non-ventilated, vented, and enclosed configurations.

  • BDI

    BDI offers electromagnetic clutches from the following manufacturers: Warner Electric, Lenze-AC Tech, Electroid, and Andantex. Lenze-AC Tech's BFK458-L brakes have a guaranteed cycle life of up to 10,000,000 cycles, rated torques ranging from 4 to 46 Nm, shaft sizes ranging from 10 to 25 mm, brake coils for a 24V low voltage connection, and rectified mains ranging from 103 to 250V. These brakes are ideal for high cycle applications.

  • Machine Components Corp.

    Machine Components Corp. offers the following electromagnetic clutches: Spring Wrapped Electro-Magnetic (CEM Series), Spring Wrapped Solenoid Operated Indexing (SP-1611 Series), and Electro-Magnetic Reversing Drive (CEM-DR Series). Electro-Magnetic Reversing Drives have overload torques up to 7 lb-in, a response time range from 0 to 1000 RPM, a 24 VDC operation, an open frame construction, and on-demand/bidirectional outputs. These drives have applications for copiers, textile equipment, packaging equipment, instrument drives, business machines, etc.

  • Inertia Dynamics, LLC

    Inertia Dynamics, LLC offers shaft/flange mounted clutches in a variety of configurations, including: Type SL, Type BSL, Type SO, Type FL, and Type FO. These clutches have static torques ranging from 2.5 to 250 lb-in, rotor inertias ranging from 0.002 to 2.50 lb-in2, arm & hub inertias ranging from 0.0011 to 4.990 lb-in2, and amps up to 0.934. Other configurations offered by Inertia include Type SLB, SOB, and FB.

  • Huco Dynatork

    Huco Dynatork offers electromagnetic clutches in the following configurations: wrap spring, shaft mounted, indexing, and flange mounted. Type ISC25 wrap spring clutches have a static torque of 2.8 Nm, and a 6 mm bore diameter. Type SL shaft and FL flange mounted clutches have static torques up to 28.24 Nm, and rotor inertias up to 7.316 Kgcm2. Type ICB indexing clutches have bore sizes up to 40.08 mm, and up to 280 Nm of static torque.

  • Mayr

    Mayr offers a variety of electromagnetic clutches and brakes, including ROBATIC, ROBA-Takt, and ROBA-Quick. ROBATIC clutches have a low-noise operation, large permitted shaft diameters, and a minimum wear due to large friction surfaces and a smooth switching behaviors. ROBA-Takt clutches are sealed, maintenance-free, and they have exact positioning over the entire service lifetime. ROBA-Quick brakes have a high performance density, and a high braking torque security.

  • Autotronics, Inc.

    Autotronics, Inc. offers electromagnetic clutches in the following configurations: "C" clutch, "CF" clutch, "MBB" clutch-brake, and "CBC" clutch-brake. These clutches have load torques up to 1 oz-in, clutch torques up to 256 oz-in, a +/- 10% 246 Ohms, and volts up to 28 DC.

  • Helander Products, Inc.

    Helander Products, Inc. offers magnetic clutches. These clutches have the following features: 5 times the torque capacity of a conventional clutch, hub/shaft output or input members, clockwise/counterclockwise drives, RH/LH drive mounting capacity, metric bores, special sizes, etc.

  • The Rowland Co

    The Rowland Co. offers electric clutches/brakes in a variety of configurations, including: overruning, torque limiting, expanding, constricting, disc, PTO, caliper, tension, and electric. Disc clutches/brakes have the following features: sizes ranging from 3,950 to 8,925,000 in-lb, they are actuated by air or hydraulics, they use friction material to transmit torques, and they can be used as either a clutch or a break depending on the mounting position.

  • Island Components Group Inc

    Island Components Group, Inc. offers precision brakes and clutches in a variety of configurations, including: precision, hysteresis, silent stop failsafe (Series SBF), and industrial type (open frame). Silent stop failsafe brakes (Series SBF) have the following features: multiple mounting options, a low-noise output, constructed from asbestos-free materials, diameters ranging from 1.38" to 3.12", a silent stopping design, etc. These brakes have applications for fertilizer dispersion, irrigation, film drives, copiers, printers, machine tools, etc.