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  • PT Tech, Inc.

    PT Tech offers both wet and dry hydraulic clutches with microprocessor controls. Dry diesel clutches are available in both transverse and direct drive types and are available in 80-140, 140-250 and 250-460 rated horsepower. Wet diesel clutches are available in transverse, transverse w/short shaft, direct, and direct with short shaft drive types and are available in the same horsepower rating brackets as the dry clutches.

  • The Rowland Co

    Rowland distributes a variety of hydraulic clutches and clutch/brake combinations. Disc clutches are available in sizes between 3,950 in./lb to 8,925,000 in./lb; PTO clutches are actuated via mechanical arm, and are available in a wide range of bell housings and engine sizes; and caliper brakes are available in braking torques between 3.69 and 400,000 ft./lbs.