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  • PT Tech, Inc.

    PT Tech manufactures a large selection of overrunning clutches including the SGS series. These models automatically disengage for chain driven auxiliary drives and high speed backstopping. The 600 series SGK Coupling can be used in adverse conditions and utilizes centrifugal throw-out (C/T) sprags for extended life.

  • Renold PLC

    Renold manufactures sprag clutch freewheels for transmitting greater torques than conventional free-wheel devices. There are 3 basic applications for a sprag clutch: overrunning; indexing; backstopping. Renold offers six different sprag clutch models. The SO/SX series is designed for medium to heavy duty applications with a high precision clutch.

  • POLYCLUTCH, Div. of A&A Manufacturing Co., Inc

    A&A POlyclutch designs and manufactures Shell-Pak brand light duty journaled clutch systems with self contained operating unit with the outer housing and cam member combined into a one piece precision shell. The inner hub and spring loaded locking rolls are assembled with the shell to complete the assembly. The fully journaled outer shell needs no additional radial bearing for normal applications.

  • High Precision, Inc.

    High Precision Inc is a manufacturer of HU series roller clutches in a wide variety of sizes. These overrunning clutches come in a variety of hardened steel and stainless steel types and with several fastener selections. High Precision Inc also offers other models of overrunning clutches including the HA se4ries roller clutches in many metric and standard bore diameter sizes.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply designs and supplies seven models of overrunning clutches in bore sizes from 15mm up to 40mm. These mechanical overrunning backstop clutches provide high torque and dynamic load capacities of over 15,000 N for a wide array of applications.

  • Marland Clutch

    Marland Clutch manufactures the RMS, RMT and RMI model freewheels include ball bearings and seals. These self-contained freewheels have a bolt circle on their outer race for mounting pulleys, gears and torque arms. The freewheels are mounted onto shafts in any diameter size and come with keyways.

  • Dayton Superior Products

    Dayton Superior Products manufactures overrunning clutches and freewheel clutches using solid carbon steel for rugged industrial applications. These clutches provide some of the heaviest torque available in the market. The roller ramp design allows these freewheeling clutches to spin up to 1,800 RPM's with no thermal breakdown. Dayton also designs and manufactures one way clutch sprockets.

  • Helander Products, Inc.

    Helander Products Inc is a manufacturer of the Tiny-Clutch line of products including auto disconnect clutches like the AD-Series. When Torque is applied to the input hub the clutch engages and the output sleeve is driven. When torque is removed from the input the output may then freely rotate in either direction. The AD-Series is used in many applications including  spool winding, film drives and other applications requiring an automatically free wheeling clutch.

  • The Rowland Co

    The Rowland Company manufactures a variety of overrunning clutches including disc clutches, constricting clutches and expanding clutches for applications involving hoists, winches, marine propulsion, pumps, dredges, turbines, rolling mills, wind stands, grinding mills and press brakes.

  • Nordex, Inc.

    Nordex Inc is a designer and manufacturer of a variety of power transmission components including one way clutch and overrunning type clutches in a variety of bore sizes, diameters and hub diameters.

  • Formsprag Clutch Inc

    Formsprag is a manufacturer of industrial overrunning clutches that drive in one direction and freewheel in the other direction. Designs offered by Formsprag Clutch and Stieber Clutch, in both Sprag and Ramp and Roller designs, meet applications where this function is required.

  • The Hilliard Corp.

    Hillard manufacture motion control overrunning clutches including MT overrunning clutches that combine high torque and high speed. These clutches are offered in a large array of shaft sizes for applications including coal feeders, press ink rolls and  feeds, speed reducers, honing machines, bakery equipment and textile machines. Dual-source drives include blowers, pumps and fans.

  • Means Industries Inc

    Means Industries is a designer and manufacturer of overrunning, or one way clutches. The Mechanical Diode one way clutch from Means is designed for high speed automotive applications. It is engineered to provide higher overrun speeds with less free-wheel drag and improved transmission efficiency.

  • Harman Co.

    Harman Co manufactures a broad selection of power transmission components including rotation unions and overrunning clutches for a large array of applications.