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  • PT Tech, Inc.

    PT Tech Inc. manufactures a line of industrial torque limiting clutches and friction torque limiters with single disc or fixed multiple discs. The company's FMD torque limiter series is designed for high horsepower, high energy, or limited space applications; and feature maximum torque of 8624 Nm to 34752 Nm, and maximum speed ranging from 2,050 rpm to 3,450 rpm. The company's SLQ torque limiters are for standard torque and energies, and feature maximum torque ranging from 592 Nm to 5192 Nm.

  • Machine Components Corp.

    Machined Components Corporation manufactures constant torque slip clutches that feature precise and stable limit torque calibration. Available as spring wrapped types, the clutches feature torque ranges of 1 to 600 oz-in. and 2 to 600 oz-in., and long life under continuous slip conditions. The clutches are used in tension control of film or tape drives and transmission overload protection applications.

  • Carlyle Johnson Machine Co

    Carlyle Johnson Machine Co LLC manufactures multiple disc mechanical torque limiters that feature torque from 1 lb.ft to 2,000 lb.ft and outer diameters of 2 3/16" to 8 5/8". The torque limiters are used in textile and paper mill applications.

  • Nordex, Inc.

    Nordex Incorporated manufactures spring wrapped-type slip clutches for use in tension control and transmission overload protection. These torque limiting type clutches feature stainless steel construction with oil-impregnated bronze bearings, and torque of 9+/-1, 20+/-2, 48+/-5, 80+/-8, 120+/-12, 150+/-15, or 240+/-24.

  • R + W America

    R+W America manufactures classic, ultralight and high torque-type torque limiters with single position, multi-position, load holding and full disengagement designs. The classic models are available from 0.1-2,800 Nm, the ultralight models are available from 5-700 Nm, and the high torque models are available from 1,000-160,000 N,.

  • Mayr

    Mayr Corp. produces a line of torque limiting clutches including compact, smartic, axial, and residual torque-free disconnecting types. The company's compact, standard clutches are backlash-free, load disconnecting types and feature instant separation on overload and "short hub" construction. The axial clutches provide accurate limitation of tensile and pressure forces, and feature immediate force interruption on overload.

  • Mach III Clutches Inc

    Mach lll Clutches Inc. manufactures a line of mechanical friction-type torque limiters including limiters with through and end of shaft pilot mounting. These ball bearing or bronze bushing torque limiters feature torque with spring @ 1/2 height ranging from 1159 lb-in. to 17257 lb-in. The company also produces torque limiter mechanisms with adapters or couplings, flexible mechanical torque limiter couplings, and NEMA frame torque limiters.

  • High Precision, Inc.

    High Precision Inc. designs and manufactures friction torque limiters and detent torque limiters for industrial motion control applications. The friction torque limiters are available from in-oz to 200 ft/lbs. and offer smooth release motion and infinite start/stop positions. The detent torque limiters are available in torques up to 1,000 ft/lbs.

  • Accu-Clutch Company, Inc.

    Accu-Clutch Company Inc. manufactures magnetic particle clutches used in torque limiting shaft coupling applications. These torque limiting clutches are available in 0.62"-3" diameter sizes, and feature 0.01-75 in-lbs. or torque and an operating life up to 40,000 hours. The company also produces a line of .01-200 in-lbs. torque clutches for torque overload protection applications.

  • Sepac

    Sepac designs and manufactures a line of electromagnetic clutches including stationary field tooth, rotating field tooth, wall mounted tooth, spring engaged, rotating field multiple disc, multiple disc wet, heavy industrial, and spring engaged types. The heavy industrial, magnetically engage clutches are designed for steel mill screw down and other industrial applications, and feature torque static ranging from 600 lb-ft. to 12,000 lb-ft.

  • Dalton Gear Co

    Dalton Gear Co. is a precision manufacturer of torque limiting clutch units. The company's "OSD" (overload safety device) torque limiter model can be used with a sprocket, gear, belt-pulley, or flange; and features maximum torque of 6lbs to 1250 lbs.

  • Cabat, Inc., A Div. of Eckmann

    Cabat Inc. manufactures full release automatic reset torque limiter clutches. The torque limiters are bi-directional overload release-type clutches and feature single position reset, along with external torque adjustment and small sprocket capability. The clutches are used in a number of industries including: packaging machinery, paper converting machinery, textile machinery, woodworking machinery, bakery equipment, printing machinery, food production systems, bottling and canning machinery, control mechanisms, index drives, conveying systems, and special machinery.

  • Brunel Corporation

    Brunel Corp. manufactures bi-directional modular torque limiters that feature plus or minus 5 percent repeatability, and all metal totally-enclosed construction.

  • Boston Gear

    Boston Gear distributes Centric Clutch brand torque limiters and overload clutches. The torque limiters are available with bore ranges from 1/2" to 4-11/16", and with torque ranges from 35 lbs. to 88,500 lbs. The torque limiting clutches are used in a number of applications including: paper converting, indexing machine,, packaging machinery, wastewater treatment, material handling, capping and filling machinery, paper mill, and bottle and can manufacturing.

  • The Rowland Co

    The Rowland Co. distributes overload protection, torque limiting clutches in two styles: friction and ball and detent.

  • MSC Industrial Supply Co.

    MSC Industrial Supply distributes overrunning and torque overload-type clutches manufactured by Browning and Norse. The clutches feature torque of 56-203 in-lbs., 200-600 in-lbs., 600-2000 in-lbs., 2000-4000 in-lbs., and 4000-8000 in-lbs.

  • Orttech

    Orrtech manufactures permanently-engaged, torque limiting coupling clutches used to safeguard all types of transmission lines within machines and equipment from overloading and destruction. The clutches are available with torque ranges of 9 to 1600 Nm and 90 to 90,000 Nm.

  • The Hilliard Corp.

    Hilliard Corp. designs and manufactures torque limiting clutches including ball detent overload release clutches, slip clutch friction torque limiters and couplings, and hand disconnect mechanical clutches. The various torque limiting clutches are used for a number of applications including: conveyor belt drive, lamination cutter drive, robotic, paper and packaging, printing, material handling, food processing equipment, stationary power unit, mortar/concrete mixer, cable winch, sawmill, and trailer mounted power equipment.

  • Matrix International USA

    Matrix International USA engineers and manufactures mechanically-adjusted, multi-disc torque limiting clutches for operation in oil or dry environments. Pressure with pressure or electromagnetically applied torque limiting clutches are also available.

  • Autotronics, Inc.

    Autotronics designs and manufactures electro-magnetic mechanical, torque-limiting slip clutches that feature a torque range of .8 oz-in. to 70 oz-in., and maximum no load drag of .10 to 1 oz-in.