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Shock absorbers or dampers are designed to smooth out and damp shock impulse, dissipating kinetic energy to prevent stress from effecting mechanical performance.

A shock absorber, also known as a damper or dashpot, is a device designed to smooth out or dampen shock impulses and dissipate kinetic energy in machinery. These parts are usually pneumatic or hydraulic, and formed by a fluid- or air-filled cylinder with a sliding piston inside. Shock absorbers are common to automobile and motorcycle suspensions, aircraft landing gears, and industrial machines supports. They can employ various operating principles, as well, including hysteresis, dry friction, fluid friction, magnetic effects, and more. Leading manufacturers: Monroe Shocks and Struts, Bilstein, Gabriel, KYB America, EFDYN Industrial Shock Absorbers.

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  • ACA Conductor Accessories Div. of AFL Telecommunications

    ACA manufactures spacer and vibration dampers. Spacer dampers maintain the geometry of the bundle system against loads, while vibration dampers are energy dissipation devices used for removing wind based vibration. ACA Conductors space dampeners are frame-style with 2, 3, 4 and 6 bundle conductor designs.

  • Ace Controls, Inc.

    Ace Controls International offers a range of range of shock absorbers and dampeners including rotary dampeners,  safety shock absorbers, feed controls, hydraulic dampers, TUBUS dampers, SLAB dampening plates and industrial gas springs.


  • Ace Controls, Inc.

    Ace Controls Inc. manufactures and distributes industrial shock absorbers, safety shock absorbers as well as velocity and feed controllers. Ace's self-adjusting stainless steel shock absorbers feature teflon caps for improved functionality in high-stress systems.

  • Arvin Motion Control

    Arvin Motion Control manufactures gas springs and dampers for industrial applications such as machinery guards, lab equipment, cooker hoods, food packaging equipment, conveyors and skylights. All of these these applications can be safely and effortlessly opened and closed by utilizing Arvin's gas springs or dampers.

  • Enidine Co. Ltd.

    Enidine's rotary viscous dampers provide smooth control in applications that require forward, reverse/fixed path motion, continuous or intermittent positioning. The RVD design features low breakout friction with viscous damping for bi-directional rotary motion control in a variety of applications.

  • Specialty Fasteners & Components

    SFC offers motion control dampers designed to influence movement characteristics by providing velocity or time control for the controlled arrest of a weight or lid, while moving from one position to another. SFC dampers are designed specifically for low frequency, velocity or time controlled systems.

  • Tech-Fast

    Tech-Fast offers a variety of dampers, including rotary and rotary stop, hi-torque barrel and hinge-clip dampeners. Their rotary dampers come in standard or slim base, forward clip mount (with or without collar) or reverse clip mount.

  • Suspa

    Suspa manufactures hydraulic dampers for a wide range of applications. Their HD-15 is a standard damper for low force areas, while the HD-18 is designed for high power areas. The HD-24 covers unique requirements with thrust variations, and the HD-28 is far larger, to permit higher damping forces. The 16-Series Dampers are non-pressurized and designed for low force motion control applications.

  • Efdyn, Inc.

    EFDYN is a designer and manufacturer of industrial shock absorbers as we;; as rotary dampeners. EFDYN shock absorbers are designed to be rugged and durable, to work in temperature environments between -50F and 225F, with crossover options to work with competitor models. EFDYN also has a large line of rotary dashpots and Kinetrol rotary dampeners constructed of Zinc and aluminum alloy.

  • ITW Motion

    ITW Motion manufactures small rotary dampers for automotive interior, electronic and appliance systems; large rotary dampers typically used for automotive glove-boxes and door-handles; hinge dampers typically used for automotive interior grab-handles; air dampers for common automotive applications such as glove-boxes and cup-holders; and latches for various automotive interiors, electronics and appliances.