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  • Cleveland Gear Co.

    Cleveland Gear offers helical and bevel gears in custom enclosed drives and modular gearboxes. Enclosed drives come in helical and helical bevel configurations and feature 10 - 10,000 horsepower and 50,000 - 2,000,000 in-lbs. output torque. Modular gearboxes come in single, double, triple and quadruple reduction with 19 sizes in each type.

  • Maryland Metrics

    Maryland Metrics are distributors of KHK brand miter and bevel gears in ground, spiral and straight configurations. Types of bevel gears available include plastic, plastic injection molded, shaft type and stainless.

  • W.M. Berg, Inc.

    WM Berg are distributors of miter and bevel gears in many configurations (over 130 in all) in inch and metric sizes. Types of bevel gears include stainless steel (pinion)/aluminum anodize (gear), stainless steel pinion and gear, and aluminum anodize pinion and gear. Bevel gears and pinions may be obtained separately. Ratios of 1:1 through 1:4 are available. Try their product configurator.

  • Precipart Corporation

    Precipart offers custom bevel gear designs in ferrous, non-ferrous and synthetic materials, up to AGMA Q12 (AGMA 2015/ISO Class5). Bevel gear sizes from 0.24” dia (6 mm) to 4.0” (101.66 mm) with 16 to 200 diametral pitch are available.

  • Supreme Gear

    Supreme Gear offers CNC bevel gear grinding for aviation, aerospace, defense, and other applications. Bevel gears are available up to and including AGMA Q15 class.

  • Gear Motions, Inc., Nixon & Oliver Gear Div's.

    Gear Motions are manufacturers of straight bevel gears in sizes from 1/4" to 36". In-house equipment for bevel gear cutting includes Gleason 24's, 104's and 2A's, as well as Okuma lathes and machining centers.

  • Acme Gear Co., Inc.

    Acme manufactures bevel gears for the air compressor, transportation, renewable energy, printing and aerospace industries. Bevel gears are available with a maximum pitch diameter of 36", diametral pitch up to 1, and a face width of 8".

  • Amarillo Gear Co.

    Amarillo Gear Company are manufacturers of spiral bevel gears with pitch diameters ranging from 3.5” to 24” and ratios ranging from 1:1 to 9:1. They can supply a wide range of spiral bevel gears from their inventory of standard or custom gears.

  • Brad Foote Gear Works

    Brad Foote Gear Works offers spiral bevel gears with a maximum outside diameter of 100" and a maximum pitch of 0.60 DP. Straight and skew bevel gears are available with a maximum outside diameter of 90", a maximum pitch of 0.75 DP, and a maximum face width of 12".

  • Emerson Power Transmission

    Emerson Power Transmission are manufacturers of miter and bevel gears in a large variety of ratios. Bevel gears are made of unhardened steel with a pressure angle of 20, a pitch range of 20 - 3, a tooth range of 10 - 96, and a bore range from 3/16" - 3".

  • Gudel, Inc.

    Gudel offers bevel gear units for small, medium and heavy loads. Their angular drives Type PV are used for for small loads and intermittent drive. Type HKF bevel gear units are made of die cast aluminum housings and gears of steel or plastic molded for medium loads. Their Type FK units are for heavy loads and are made of cast iron housings and steel gears.