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  • W.M. Berg, Inc.

    WM Berg is a supplier of helical gears (over 350 configurations available). Use their online configurator to specify right or left hand, bore, pitch diameter, pitch/module, teeth, metric or inch size.

  • American Precision Gear Co.

    APG custom manufactures custom helical gears, including left and right hand, and single and double helical gears. Tolerances up to 0.0001" are obtainable in AGMA Level 12 quality. Applications include aerospace, oil and gas, and industrial machining.

  • SDP/SI

    SDP/SI is an online supplier of helical and axial helical gears. You can specify product by diametral pitch, number of teeth, materials, bore, helix angle, pressure angle, pitch diameter, outside diameter, face width, and more.

  • Precipart Corporation

    Precipart produces custom helical gears up to AGMA Q12 (AGMA 2015/ISO Class5), in sizes from 0.24” diameter (6 mm) to 4.0” (101.66 mm), and 16 to 200 diametral pitch. Ferrous, non-ferrous and synthetic materials are used.

  • Gear Motions, Inc., Nixon & Oliver Gear Div's.

    Gear Motions operates two companies that manufacture helical gears, producing all sizes and volumes of custom made products. Metric or diametral and Q15 quality levels are available.

  • Forest City Gear

    Forest City Gear is a machine shop that specializes in helical gear crown hobbing, carbide re-hobbing, gear and teeth grinding, hob sharpening, and anylytical gear inspection.

  • Carnes-Miller Gear

    Carnes-Miller can manufacture helical gears up to 16" in diameter, face lengths up to 12" (300 mm) with a range of +/- 45 degree helix angles, AGMA 10 rating on helical gears that are not heat treated, and up to AGMA 13 on helical gears up to 400 mm (15.75") in diameter on gears that have been heat treated.

  • Atlas Gear Co.

    Atlas Gear are manufacturers of external spur and helical gears. Diameters of 1/2" to 36" and face lengths up to 40" are obtainable. Atlas is capable of cutting up to an AGMA class 10/11 gear. Gears up to 24" diameter can be hobbed and gear ground to an AGMA class 13/14.

  • Acme Gear Co., Inc.

    Acme Gear are manufacturers of helical gears with specs that include diametral pitches of 1 to 48, face width of 20", unground tooth OD of 60", and ground tooth OD of 60".

  • Arrow Gear Co.

    Arrow Gear Company are manufacturers of helical gears with a maximum pitch diameter of 36", diametral pitch of 3 to 48, face width of 13", unground tooth to AGMA Q9, and ground tooth to AGMA Q13.