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  • American Precision Gear Co.

    American Precision Gear is a manufacturer of tight tolerance internal and external spur gears. Specs include up to 197 teeth, up to a 25 degree pressure angle, up to 250+ DP (diametral pitch), an 0.05" to 48" outside diameter range, and tolerances up to =/-0.0001". American Precision Gear provides spur gears to the aerospace and biomedical and instrumentation industries.

  • Emerson Power Transmission

    Power Transmission Solutions is a distributor of Browning spur gears. Types include minimum bore, finished bore, bushed, and non-metallic spur gears. Minimum bore spur gears are available in 20° PA from 20 to 4 DP, and 14½° PA from 32 to 3 DP. Finished bore spur gears are available in 20° PA with 16 DP, and 14½° PA from 16 to 8 DP.

  • K-Mac Plastics & Distribution

    K-Mac Plastics and Distribution offers spur gears in 1144 steel, 303 stainless steel, acetal plastic, brass, finished bore steel, plastic nylon, nylon molded, plain steel bore, and precision machined steel. Spure gear rods are also available.

  • Acme Gear Co., Inc.

    Acme Gear spur gears have straight teeth and are mounted on parallel shafts. Acme's spur gear specs include pitch diameters of 1 to 48, a facewidth of 20", and outside diameters of 60" for both unground and ground teeth.

  • Brad Foote Gear Works

    Brad Foote Gearworks is a manufacturer of spur gears with the following specifications: hobbed tooth form up to 140" diameters, ground tooth form up to 0.75 DP and 120" outside diameters, hobs from 24 to 0.75 DP, in-house carburizing up to 70" diameters, and in-house contour induction hardening 4 pitch and coarser to 120" diameters.

  • Gear Motions, Inc., Nixon & Oliver Gear Div's.

    Gear Motions is a custom manufacturer of plastic or metric spur gears. Large volume spur gears are available, as well as single or low quantities. Cut metric or diametral gears from .5" to 72" can be manufactured. Internal spur gears to 36" are also possible.

  • Arrow Gear Co.

    Arrow Gear Company is a supplier of spur gears with a cylindrical pitch surface and teeth that are parallel to the axis. Capabilities include a maximum pitch diameter of 20", diametral pitches of 3.0 – 48, face widths of 13.0, and AGMA Q9 for unground teeth and AGMA Q13 for ground teeth.

  • Atlas Gear Co.

    Atlas Gear Co. is a manufacturer of external spur gears from 1/2 up to 36" in diameter, with face lengths up to 40". They are capable of cutting up to an AGMA class 10/11 gear. Spur gears up to 24" diameter can be hobbed and gear ground to an AGMA class 13/14.

  • HPC Gears

    HPC is a manufacturer of spur gears in steel (En32, En24 and En58) and Delrin. Outside diameter ranges of 3 mm to 750 mm, and pitches of 0.25mod to 8mod and 96DP to 4DP are available.

  • Gudel, Inc.

    Gudel offers spur gears in steel, stainless steel and plastic. They can also produce custom spur gears to your designs.

  • Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.

    Martin Sprocket & Gear are manufacturers of spur gears in 3 DP to 24 DP, and pitches from 4 to 6.