Power Transmission • Pulley Stock & Flanges

Pulleys are used to change the direction of an applied force and transmit rotation motion or create a mechanical advantage.

A pulley is a mechanism composed of a wheel on an axle or shaft. Between two flanges around the pulley’s circumference is a groove in which a rope, belt, cable, or chain is positioned in order to change the direction of applied force. When two or more pulleys are combined, they are referred to as a block and tackle.Pulley flanges are used to ensure that contact between belt and pulley is maintained by preventing the belt from slipping off. Constructed from metals or plastics, they fit directly onto pulleys of the same size and pitch--the distance from the midpoint of one tooth to the midpoint of the adjacent tooth.Leading manufacturers: CMT, IPG, JJC and Associates, HM Manufacturing, York Industries, Neuman, Artom, Inc.

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  • Artom, Inc.

    Artom Inc. carries various sized HTD pulley stock and can custom make drive system components.

  • B & B Manufacturing

    B & B Manufacturing has timing pulley stock up to 12" and can machine longer lengths. The company also manufactures aluminum and steel timing pulley flanges, which come in a variety of pitches.

  • CBM Industries

    CBM Industries provides timing pulleys, metric timing pulleys and pulley flanges with a variety of teeth, pitches and belt lengths.

  • Circular Technologies

    Circular Technologies manufactures timing pulleys and pulley stock in a range of profiles. All timing pulleys and pulley stock are available in aluminum and steel.

  • Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc.

    Custom Machine & Tool Co. offers timing pulley stock in stainless steel and plastic, in addition to aluminum and steel. The company also offers specially-sized timing pulley flanges.

  • DJ Manufacturing

    DJ Manufacturing produces belt pulleys, pulley stock, flanged pulleys and unflanged pulleys in a variety of widths and pitches. The company maintains an inventory of catalog parts and can manufacture special timing belt pulleys to various specifications.

  • H.M. Manufacturing

    H.M. Manufacturing produces pulley stock, custom timing belt pulleys and "V"-belt pulleys. The company offers aluminum and steel pulley stock in a variety of sizes and pitches, and manufactures standard or made to order "V"-belts.

  • Habasit America

    Habasit manufactures aluminum pulley stock along with single and double flanged pulleys, hubbed pulleys and pulleys with special machined finishes.The company also produces made to order timing belt pulleys.

  • Illinois Pulley & Gear

    Illinois Pulley & Gear manufactures timing pulley stock and custom made timing pulleys. The company's timing pulleys can be produced to a specific bore or pitch, and with a specific number of teeth. Timing pulley stock up to 10" in length is available.

  • JJC & Associates

    JJC Associates offers timing pulleys including flat belt pulleys, timing belt pulleys and round belt pulleys. The company's timing pulleys come in 12 different pitches and can be produced to meet any width or bore size. Pully stock is also available and comes in 15 different pitches.

  • NH Industries

    NH Industries offers aluminum and steel pulley stock in a combined 22 different pitches.

  • Nordex, Inc.

    Nordex Incoporated manufactures timing belt pulleys, round belt pulleys, cluster pulleys, idler pulleys, variable speed pulleys, and companion pulleys. The company also produces pulley flanges in five different pitches and pulley stock in nine pitches.

  • Pulley Manufacturers International Inc

    Pulley Manufacturers International Inc. produces pulley stock, timing pulleys and pitch pulley flanges in eight pitches.

  • York Industries

    York Industries manufactures eight different pitches of stock timing pulleys, pulley stock and flanges.