Power Transmission • Roller Chain

Roller chain is a component used for transmission of mechanical power as in bicycle and motorcycles as well as agricultural and industrial machinery.

Roller chains are the type of chain most commonly used for the transmission of mechanical power on bicycles and motorcycles, and in industrial and agricultural machinery. A chain is composed of two types of alternating links; each inner link has two inner plates held together by two sleeves or bushings, and each outer link has two outer plates that pass through the bushings of the inner links. Roller chains must be lubricated. Common sizes are ANSI 40, 50, 60, and 80. Nomenclature for chains designates the first digit as the chain’s pitch in eights of an inch, and the second digit as the chain type (e.g., 0 is a standard chain, 1 is a lightweight chain, etc.). Roller chains are typically used at low- to mid-speed drives (600-800 ft/min) in applications like bicycles, automobile engines, forklifts, and chainsaw cutting chains. Leading manufacturers: Diamond Chain, U.S. Tsubaki, Renold Jeffrey, Rainbow Precision.

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  • AndyMark Inc

    AndyMark Inc. produces #25 single strand-riveted roller chain and #35 single strand-riveted roller chain in 10 foot lengths. The company also offers connecting links for both types of roller chain.

  • Brance-Krachy Co., Inc.

    Brance-Kratchy Co. Inc. distributes riveted and cottered standard roller chain from Peer Chain Company, and roller chain from Rexnord.

  • Drives Inc

    Drives Inc. manufactures precision roller chain in sizes from #35 to #160.

  • Emerson Bearing

    Emerson Bearing distributes standard roller chains and oil field roller chains. Emerson Bearing Company's roller chains are available from a pitch of 1/4" to 3", and the oil field roller chains feature ballized plates, wide waisted link plants and special hook cotters.

  • Emerson Power Transmission

    Emerson Power Transmission distributes Morse-brand roller chain including standard roller chain, high strength roller chain, corrosion-resistant roller chain, and sintered bushing roller chain.

  • Hale Brothers Co Inc

    Hale Brothers Co. Inc. manufactures a line of metallic and composite roller chain in fractional and metric pitches. The company's roller chain is used for oilfield applications, meat and poultry packing, food service, medical and office equipment, and power transmission drive systems.

  • Katayama Chain Co Ltd

    Katayama Chain Co. Ltd. manufactures single strand, double strand and triple strand roller chain. The company's line of chain includes standard roller chain, heavy series roller chain, double pitch roller chain, side bow roller chain, side roller chain, and top roller chain.

  • Lucas Industrial

    Lucas Industrial manufactures single, double, triple and quadruple standard roller chain in pitch sizes from #25 to #240. The company also produces extended pitch transmission type roller chain and extended pitch conveyor type roller chain.

  • Maryland Metrics

    MD Metrics distributes KANA-brand single, double and triple strand roller chain. Available roller chain includes standard roller chain, heavy series roller chain, double pitch roller chain and side bow roller chain.

  • Pacific Industries, Inc.

    Pacific Industries offers a line of precision roller chain including single strand roller chain, multiple strand roller chain, nickel plate roller chain, hollow pin roller chain and British standard roller chain.

  • Renold PLC

    Renold manufactures a line of specification roller chains that are designed for specific jobs. The company also manufactures small and large pitch, 4mm up to 4 in., roller chain.

  • Sedis

    Sedis offers two series of single, double and triple strand power transmission roller chains. Depending on strand, roller chain pitch ranges from 8mm to 76.20mm. The company also produces stainless steel roller chain, extended pitch roller chain, bush roller chain and guide roller chain.

  • US Tsubaki Inc

    U.S. Tsubaki manufactures roller chain for food packaging, forklift, oilfield and motorcycle applications. The company produces roller chain that self-lubes and resists corrosion and fatigue.

  • Roller Chains 4 Less, division of Belarus Tractor Int.

    Roller Chains 4 Less supplies ANSI spec roller chains and other power transmission products. These roller chains are available in single, double & triple strand configurations, metric sizes, in stainless steel or nickel plated and with extended pitch. Heavy duty, cottered and conveyor roller chains are also offered.