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Similar to pulleys but instead of smooth surfaces sprockets have teeth that fit into chains, tracks or other perforated materials and rotate to create torque.

A sprocket is a profiled wheel with teeth, upon which a chain, track, or other perforated or indented material can rest. Used in bicycles, motorcycles, cars, tanks, and other vehicles, they transmit rotary motion between two shafts in locations where gears do not fit, or impart linear motion onto a track, tape, or other surface. For optimal performance, sprockets should be as large as possible in order to reduce the working load for a given amount of transmitted power, and to keep chain speeds under 1,200 ft/min. In general, four types are available: plain plate, hub on one side, hub on both sides, and detachable hub sprockets.Leading manufacturers: Martin Sprocket, Sprocket Specialists, JT Sprockets, Sidewinder Sprockets and Tsubaki.

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  • B & B Manufacturing

    B & B Manufacturing is a manufacturer of roller chain sprockets. B&B's B-style sprockets accommodate #25 and #35 pitch chain and feature two set screws, standard keyway and bores up to 1.375".

  • AndyMark Inc

    AndyMark, Inc. offers two types of stainless sprockets including hubless, plate sprockets from aluminum with a tumbled finish and type; a hubbed small sprocket made from high strength aluminum with bores including keyways.