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  • Peerless Pump Company

    Peerless Pump offers the Taber Series 1000 hydrochloric acid pump. The preferred speed is 1800 rpm but these units can also be operated at 1200 and 3600 RPM. Most hydrochloric acid applications are between 50 - 280 F. The S.G. can range from 1.1 to 1.9.

  • Innomag

    Innomag offers two series of acid pumps; the TB-Mag Series and the U-Mag Series. These are heavy duty acid pumps that can handle hydrochloric nitric, adipic, acetic, chromic, phosphoric, arsenic, boric, hydrofluoric, and sulfuric acid.

  • Jee Pumps

    Jee Pumps hydrochloric acid pumps are used for water treatment, effluent treatment, electro plating, pickling and steel, and rolling mills applications. They can handle liquids for various industries like textile, paper, cellulose, sugar, steel, and food.

  • Panjin Shengxin

    Panjin Shengxin hydrochloric acid pumps are single-stage single-suction cantilever type. Applications include non-ferrous metal smelting, acid production, iron and steel, paper making, fermentation, and many others.

  • JEC (Jay Ambe Engineering Co)

    JEC offers their PPC Series polypropylene chemical process pumps. These are  horizontal single end suction standardized back pull out centrifugal pumps. Polypropylene pumps give protection against highly corrosive chemicals, including hydrochloric acid.

  • Pumpmates

    Pumpmates offers magnetic drive pumps designed to pump sulfuric, hydrochloric, and nitric acid with temperatures up to 93 C. The MD-HC Series features leakproof, seal-less magnetic drives for inline non-submersible applications.

  • Tri-Ark Ltd

    Tri-Ark Ltd. is a manufacturer of many kinds of industrial pumps. They can build custom hydrochloric and sodium hydroxide pumps to your specification.