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Used for processes that require sulfuric acid at specific temperatures, usually between 50 and 250 degrees F.

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  • Sundyne Corp.

    Sundyne is a designer and manufacturer of industrial pumps, including alkylation pumps for the oil refinery industry. Alkylation pumps are used to alkylate isobutane with low molecular weight alkenes in the presence of sulfuric acid or hydrofluric acid. Sundyne manufactures over three dozen models of alkylation pumps for nearly every application.

  • U.S. Plastic Corp.

    USP offers Beckson acid transfer pumps that eliminate lifting and tilting of drums and carboys. These hand pumps are UL listed for transfering sulfuric acid in concentrations up to 50% maximum at 120°F. There are over a half dozen sulfuric acid transfering pumps to choose from.

  • Electric Motor Warehouse

    Electric Motor Warehouse offers seal-less magnetic drive pumps from March Pumps. There are a half dozen series' that can handle pumping of sulfuric acid solutions. Choose from 30, 38, 53, 125 or 210 GPM series', each with various models to choose from.

  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole-Parmer offers hand operated acid transfer pumps that are UL listed for sulfuric acid transfer at 50% concentration. They offer a temperature range of up to 120°F (49°C) and are self-priming.

  • Weir Minerals

    Lewis Pumps offers a line of vertically submerged steam-jacketed sulphur pumps for every application in sulfuric acid plants. Lewis' LEWMET alloys provide superior performance in such harsh operating environments.

  • Friatec N.A., Engineered Products, LLC

    Friatec N.A. engineers vertical sump pumps for sulfuric acid applications. These pumps are made from stainless steel 1.4306S and RHSX specifically designed for sulfuric acid applications. Specs include Q max of 8,800 gpm (2,000 m3/hr), H max of 180 ft (55 m), and T max of 1,022 deg F (550 deg C).

  • Jaeco Fluid Systems, Inc.

    Jaeco offers their AccuFlow diaphragm/packed plunger chemigation metering pumps. These are a combination of a packed plunger pump and a diaphragm pump that work off a heavy-duty gear reduction system. Alloy 20 can be used for sulfuric acid applications.

  • Peerless Pump Company

    Peerless Pump offers the Taber Series 1000 sulfuric acid pump operating at a preferred speed is 1800 rpm. Peerless offers a Series 8000 with the additonal feature of a triple throat casing resulting in reduced radial loads. This sulfuric acid pump can also operate at 1200 & 3600 RPM.

  • Hudson Pumps & Equipment

    Hudson Pump supplies sulfuric and phosphoric acid transfer pumps for the phosphate/mining industry, chemical injection pumps for sulfuric acid in the paper and pulp industry, and chemical metering pumps for sulfuric acid in the power industry.

  • Magnatex Pumps, Inc.

    MagnaTex offers the MAXP Series of sulfuric acid pumps specifically designed to meet ANSI B73.3 standards. These pumps can handle noxious, toxic or corrosive liquids and are ideal for tranferring sulfuric acid and ammonia. Specs include max flow of 2000 GPM, max head of 470 feet, and a temperature range of -150°F to 550°F (std.) to 800°F with high temperature options.

  • offers FTI specialty seal-less chemical transfer pumps for sulfuric acid applications. These pumps are magnetic driven so there are no seals to wear out, and are straight centrifugals that require flooded action. There are over a half dozen models to choose from.

  • Netzsch Pumps North America LLC

    Netzsch offers Nemo lead acid battery slurry pumps made of 316 stainless steel and Viton for compatibility with sulfuric acid. These are NT-style, positive displacement pumps.

  • Viking Pump, Inc.

    Viking Mag Drive pumps feature non-metallic construction for compatibility with hazardous liquids such as sulfuric acid, ferric chloride, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda and others. This pump series can be used in low flow operations.

  • Innomag

    Innomag offers their TB-mag and U-Mag Series sulfuric acid pumps for applications up to 98% concentration and temperatures up to 250ºF. These seal-less ANSI pumps are a direct bolt-in replacement for your existing ANSI pumps.

  • Met-Pro Corp.

    The Fybroc Division of MetPro Corp. produces horizontal fiberglass pumps, including their EY-2 epoxy resin (FRP) pump that is ideal for concentrated sulfuric acid (up to 98%). Applications include the pharmceutical, petrochemical, fertilizer and pesticide markets.

  • Hydra-Cell

    Hydra-Cell manufactures acid pumps that feature Hastelloy and Viton XT construction for use with sulfuric acid. These seal-less pumps allow the processing of charged and dirty liquids without the need for fine filtration for pump protection.