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Alkylation pumps are strong acidic catalyst pumps used in the petroleum refining process.

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  • Chempump, Div. of Teikoku USA, Inc.

    Alkylation unit canned motor pumps manufactured by Chempump for are API 685 compliant and ASME boiler and Pressure Vessel code certified. Used for pumping hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids, the pumps can be constructed of stainless steel, Alloy 20, Hastelloy C, Monel or K-Monel.

  • Sundyne Corp.

    Sundyne Corp. produces alkylation pumps used for heavy-duty services within the refining, petrochemical, gas production, chemical, power generation and specialty processing industries. Available as non-metallic magnet drive centrifugal, four-stage centrifugal, two-stage centrifugal, 10th edition OH6, and multi-stage types, the pumps feature maximum flows from 40 GPM to 13,209 GPM, and maximum heads from 170 feet to 15,000 feet.

  • ClydeUnion Pumps

    ClydeUnion Pumps manufactures centrifugal, power, and steam-driven reciprocating pumps for downstream oil processes including akylation applications.

  • McKenna Engineering & Equipment Co., Inc.

    McKenna Equipment & Engineering Co. distributes alkylation refining process pumps manufactured by Sundyne and akaline pumps produced by Viking Pump.