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Pumps constructed from aluminum--a corrosion-resistant material suited for a wide range of applications, including: filtration, desalination, water treatment, marine, chemical, etc.

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  • Springer Pumps, LLC

    Springer Pumps, LLC offers air-operated double diaphragm Husky 3275 aluminum pumps. These pumps come in 3" sizes, and they have flow rates up to 275 GPM. They feature seats constructed from geolast, Santoprene, Hytrel, and stainless steel materials.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers D/H/HD Series pressure loaded gear pumps with the following features: multi-fluid compatibility, a sleeve-bearing construction, tolerance to system contamination, and a pressure-loaded/lightweight/compact design. These pumps are capable of continuous pressures up to 2500 PSI, speeds up to 4000 RPM, cold weather operations, and cavitation resistance.

  • Anver Corp. - Anver.Com

    Anver Corp. offers VR Series aluminum-bodied mini-vacuum pumps. These pumps feature vacuum flow ratings ranging from 0.50 to 0.74 l/min, vacuum levels up to 26 Hg, and supply pressures up to 72.5 PSI. They are rugged, lightweight, simple to mount, economical, and compact.


    CAT PUMPS offers plunger and piston nickel aluminum bronze pumps for the following applications: wash down, waste-water injection, brackish water reverse osmosis, blow-off preventors, saltwater re-injection, and saltwater reverse osmosis. These pumps feature pressure ratings ranging from 100 to 5,000 PSI, flow ratings ranging from 0.13 to 75 GPM, and a nickel aluminum bronze construction. They are high in strength, corrosion-resistant, and dependable.

  • Ampco Pumps Company

    Ampco Pumps Company offers nickel aluminum bronze centrifugal pumps for the industrial, marine, and sanitary markets. Applications include: pollution control, metal plating, textile production, desalination, distillation, reverse osmosis, pharmaceutical, dairy sanitizing, beverage/food processing, etc.

  • TR Engineering, Inc.

    TR Engineering, Inc. offers aluminum hand pumps for non-sparking environment area applications. These pumps feature piston diameters ranging from 1 to 1.312, pressure ratings ranging from 250 to 1000 PSI, and part sizes ranging from 1" NPT to 6" IST. They have seats constructed from EPR, viton, and nitrile materials.

  • BPH Pump & Equipment

    BPH Pump & Equipment offers aluminum pumps for the industrial, marine, water treatment plant, and chemical plant industries. These pumps feature high-powered engines, an alloy/corrosion-resistant construction, and high capacity flow rates. Model J1-30510-4001 new generation flexible impeller pumps have 3/4" FNPT connections, pressures up to 30 PSI, flows up to 10 GPM, and a 1-3 phase design. These pumps are constructed from ceramic, carbon, neoprene, and 316 stainless steel materials.

  • Versa-Matic

    Versa-Matic offers U2 2" bolted aluminum pumps for almost any application, including solids pumping and food processing. These pumps feature chemical-resistant materials, wear-reducing/self-lubricating components, and bolted/clamped designs. U2 bolted aluminum pumps have flow rates ranging from 0 to 175 GPM, suction lifts up to 20', 2" port sizes, and 0.50" NPTF air inlets.