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Pumps constructed from bronze--a corrosion-resistant metal alloy made up of copper/tin compounds for a wide range of applications, including: wash down, water injection and salt water.

Pumps constructed from bronze--a corrosion-resistant metal alloy made up of copper/tin compounds for a wide range of applications, including: wash down, water injection and salt water.

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  • Haight Pump

    Haight Pump offers bronze pumps in the following configurations: 54UB, 44UB, 40UB, 30UB, and 24UB. Model 54UB bronze gear pumps feature foot mounted/close coupled bracket designs, only two moving parts, built-in shaft seal flexibility, and a bronze/corrosion-resistant construction. These pumps have temperature ranges from -40 to 250°F, viscosity ranges from 32 to 10,000 SSU, discharge pressures up to 250 PSI, and capacities up to 54 GPM. Haight Pump also offers internal/mag drive gear pumps and US stainless steel internal gear pumps.

  • MSC Industrial Supply Co.

    MSC Industrial Supply Co. offers bronze pumps in the following configurations: pedestal gear Kevlar/PTFE packed gland type, pedestal gear flexible impeller, and standard flexible impeller. These pumps feature nitrile and NPT thread types. Pedestal gear Kevlar/PTFE packed gland type pumps have shaft diameters up to 1/2", inlet sizes up to 1/4", 2-23/64" shaft heights, and lengths up to 7-1/4".

  • Springer Pumps, LLC

    Springer Pumps, LLC offers bronze pumps in the following configurations: marine, 1-1/2" self-priming centrifugal, and 1-1/2" self-priming spa/pool. 1-1/2" self-priming centrifugal pumps have power ratings ranging from 3/4 to 2 HP, voltages up to 230/460 V, 1 to 3 phase options, working pressures up to 75 PSI, and flows up to 132 GPM. These pumps feature Viton O-rings and mechanical seals, and they are constructed with TEFC motors. Applications include: pumping agriculture fumigants/fertilizers, waste water treatment, chemical processes, etc.

  • Robert Brown Associates, Inc.

    Robert Brown Associates, Inc. offers Aurora 410 Series horizontal split case pumps, Aplex reciprocating plunger pumps, and AMPCO marine centrifugal pumps. Aplex reciprocating plunger pumps feature temperature ratings up to 400°F, flow ratings ranging from 585 to 658 GPM, pressures ranging from 2698 to 6500 PSI, and horsepower ratings ranging from 260 to 400 HP. These pumps are constructed from 2205 and 316 stainless steel, aluminum bronze, ductile iron, and carbon steel materials. Applications include: steel mills, water treatment, sewer cleaning, directional drilling, gas, oil, and high pressure.

  • Apex Pumping Equipment

    Apex Pumping Equipment offers bronze A-C pumps in the following configurations: 8300 Series split-case, 8100 Series split-case models 100 and 150, and 1500 Series vertical in-line centrifugal. 8100 Series split-case models 100 and 150 pumps feature temperature ratings up to 250°F, heads to 600 TDH, capacities to 6,000 GPM, and working pressures ranging from 175 to 400 PSI. These pumps have the following applications: drainage, water supply, general industry, hot water circulation, chilled water circulation, and condensed water.

  • Oberdorfer Pumps, Inc.

    Oberdorfer Pumps, Inc. offers gear, centrifugal, and rubber impeller bronze pedestal pumps for the following industries: chemical processing fields, agricultural, industrial, marine, etc. N1000 Series bronze pedestal rotary gear pumps feature positive displacement flows, self-lubricating carbon bearings, formed ring seal packings, and 1/4" NPT standard ports. These pump have RPM ratings ranging from 400 to 1725, temperature ratings ranging from -40 to 400°F, and pressure ratings ranging from 0 to 150 PSI.

  • MTH Pumps

    MTH Pumps offers regenerative turbine and centrifugal pumps in a variety of configurations, including: 316 stainless steel, bronze ring, bronze fitted, all bronze, and all iron. P31 Series regenerative turbine pumps feature a a stainless steel construction, adjustable casing, a top discharge/suction design, and optional integral relief valves. These pumps can handle temperatures to 250°F, heads to 250 feet, and capacities to 5 GPM.

  • Annovi Reverberi (AR) North America, Inc.

    Annovi Reverberi (AR) North America, Inc. offers industrial triplex plunger pumps in a variety of configurations. RC Series pumps feature brass heads, die-cast bodies, thick-walled ceramic plungers, two-piece piston guides, and precision ground crankshafts. These pumps have speed capabilities ranging from 1450 to 3400 RPM, pressures up to 2700 PSI, and flows ranging from 0.5 to 3.5 GPM. They are suited for a wide range of moderate pressure washing applications.


    CAT PUMPS offers nickel aluminum bronze pumps for the following applications: wash down, waste-water injection, brackish water reverse osmosis, blow-off preventers, saltwater re-injection, etc. These pumps can handle pressures ranging from 100 to 5,000 PSI and flow ranges ranging from 0.13 to 75 GPM.

  • Ampco Pumps Company

    Ampco Pumps Company offers nickel aluminum bronze centrifugal pumps for the sanitary, marine, and industrial markets.

  • SCC Pumps, Inc.

    SCC Pumps, Inc. offers 115v AC and 12v/24v DC flexible impeller pumps constructed from bronze, nitrile, and stainless steel materials. 115v AC flexible impeller pumps feature U/L universal brush motors, 6' cords, and suction/discharge port sizes ranging from 3/8" NPT to 1" MPT.

  • Vertiflo Pump Company, Inc

    Vertiflo Pump Company, Inc. offers end suction pumps in close-coupled and base-mounted configurations. Series 1312 industrial horizontal close-coupled end suction pumps feature semi-open impellers, mechanical seals, a back pull-out design, and a bronze fitted construction. These pumps can handle speeds ranging from 1750 to 3500 RPM, heads to 160' TDH, and capacities to 200 GPM.

  • Pro Dyne Corp.

    Pro Dyne Corp. offers end suction centrifugal pumps in vertical seal-less, stainless steel, bronze, and cast iron configurations. Bronze end-suction centrifugal pumps are capable of precision machining operations and flows to 3000 GPM.